Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monitor Lizards!!

There is a really cool park in Bangkok called "Lumphini Park". It's a really big park and reminds me a little of Central Park (even though I've never been there). You can read about it here if you're interested. Anyway, it's a neat park that has all kinds of things in it. Food places, big areas to run or bike, exercise areas (even a free weight area), and a lake in the middle. Around the lake there are tons of Monitor Lizards. We had heard about them, so we just had to go see them....

Anyway, when we got to the lake area we started looking for the lizards. The first one we saw was a baby. he had a little crab in his mouth - it was cool!
Then we saw a big one - MAN! Those things are HUGE!
Diya wasn't sure what to think about them :)
At the lake they had all kinds of paddle boats. We rented one for the hour and paddled around the lake. Aashini sat in the middle and steered. She thought it was fun :)
See... I really did paddle! :)
It was cool to be in the middle of a lake in the middle of a city :)
We kept chasing the monitor lizards around the lake with our paddle boat... They're so big!
This guy was sunning himself ;)
This guy didn't like me taking his picture, so he went into the water ) haha!
So we left Thailand a few days ago and are now back in South Asia... It was a great trip!

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The Everett Family said...

Wow. It's amazing that just 2 months ago, bullets were flying in Lumphini Park. Glad you got to enjoy a peaceful Bangkok! Those lizards are HUGE!

Emily said...

Those things are crazy!! I've never heard of a monitor lizard before. I'm gonna have to check out your link. I love the one of Diya's face. :)

Anthony and Sharon said...

We saw monitor lizards randomly near our neighborhood all the time! Those at that park were huge!!! Do you guys find out stuff this from friends or do you buy travel books (or option c. which is what?) Yall always seem to find the most fun things to do!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Sharon - usually option C :) haha! All of the Above

I love reading travel books, so I usually do that but I also like asking friends what they've seen and done and learn from them :)