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Elephants Again! (and a poll)

Hey! Today was had some fun elephants visit our house :) These guys come around and ask for money or food for them and their elephant... We came out and fed the elephant a banana and Adam got to get on him and ride down the street for $1 :) It was fun :) Adam loved it :) It made his day :) OK, I added a poll to the left side of my blog... (our super cool friend tim gave us the idea)... so the other day I went to the glasses store and was trying to ask if they made perscription sunglasses... there's no Hindi for that (that we've been able to figure out) but there are specific English words you have to use in order to get the correct answer... when I asked if they had perscription sunglasses, he said no... we finally figured out the right thing to say and he said yes... check out the poll to see what you think was the right answer :) ROckon!!

SpiDerS!!! Argh!!!

OK, so now that it's gotten warmer (and when I say warmer - I mean HOT - in the 100's...) the animals are coming out of hiding or hibernation or wherever they were... and into our house!! First was the ants... they are everywhere!! We even have them crawling on us while we sleep! Yikes!! They don't bite though, so they aren't really a problem... The problem is the SPIDERS!!! For some reason, they just LOVE our house!! Everyday I have to go around with my special hand-broom thing and kill spider's nests in our house ... Yesterday I got 21 spider's nests and today I got 19! WHoa!! Those are the small spiders... but our bathroom seems to attract these HUGE spiders! My first experience with the big spiders was right before Thanksgiving.... We had come back from a trip and well, after using the restroom... realized that there was a spider under the seat... luckily it was squashed.... but it made me think of that urban legand with the spider under the toilet seat...


So, this past week, I had to go to the fun eye doctor! yes... no fun BUT I did find out that my eye disease thing is in remission - which is WAY cool!! We got to see some fun friends that were in town, found out good news about my eyes AND we got to explore the capital city - it was a fun week!!! Adam and I had a lot of fun looking at old things and learning some history stuff :) The tower behind Adam is 73 meters high and was built sometime in the early 1200's - whoa!! We had TONS of fun :) Whoo Hoo!!!

Banana Wallah!!!

This is our Banana Wallah. He's the guy that comes by our house selling banans :) He's really cool! One day, a whole bunch of monkeys came to his cart and started stealing his bananas!! He started throwing bricks at them - it was awesome!! Here he is with his banana cart. The bananas are covered up because it is really hot outside and he doesn't want them to ripen too early :) When we got bananas yesterday, he gave us this special banana :) It's a double-decker banana :) Hahaha :) It's banana twins!! OK, I thought it was funny :)
My Language Helper has been having a special puja at their house for the last 5 days. Today was the last and biggest day. They started at 7 am and went until 12:30 pm. During the week, they had a puja every morning and it was with only their immediate family. This time, other family members, neighbors and friends were invited. They had the fire burning in their house!! It was sooo smokey - it was killing my eyes :) This was a part of their puja materials.... I thought it was very interesting looking....

Fun Things!

hey! Thought I'd put up some pics of things that make me laugh :) Most of these pics are from one of our many car trips from the capital city to our city :) This is a pic from a gas station :) I guess these buckets are for if there is a fire :) They were empty though :) haha They have these inside the movie theatre also :) This is a common sight on the road... (although this truck is pretty empty)... everyone just piles in and heads to town :) This is what our "trash trucks" look like :) A guy comes by our house on a rickshaw and takes our trash and puts it in a bag like this on his rickshaw :) Cool hunh? This pic makes me laugh :) The back of the white car says: "Power Brake - Keep Distance" :) Then you see all the other vehicles up ahead... the coolest is the chicken truck with the guys on top :)


Pizza Hut here ROCKS!!! In the evening, at the top of the hour, the employees do this choreographed dance. It's awesome!!! Here's a short video clip of that. It's not the best sound, but it's pretty fun to check out :) Get this video and more at