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Funny Things - Age Appropriate?

Just wondering... but who thought that putting a HUGE Super scary picture right over the playground was a good idea??  hahahaha!!!  My kids were terrified! :) haha!
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Comic Con 2013

 Comic Con 2013 just ended.  It was a fun one this year.  This was the 3rd Annual Comic Con here.  We've been to it all 3 years.  It's getting bigger each year!  I think they grew out of their venue this was soooo crowded!  Here's me imitating "Superkudi" :)  Aashini and me :)  For the Love of Comics...  Some guys that were dressed up... the guy on the left isn't in his full attire... He won the CosPlay contest that day... he won a trip to Dubai to their Comic Con!!  This was my favorite costume of the day... Nyan Cat :)  There were lots of people there!  Me and the girls on the 2nd day :)  I had to have at least one jumping picture :) Our friend Ford made a video of the first day... check it out!


 Starbucks opened in our city last night!!  I'm not a huge coffee drinker... but I was excited about the opening!!  (I think I like Starbucks because of all the green! haha!... Aashini and Diya think the mermaid on the logo looks like me... haha! Maybe it's the weird wavy hair :)... not sure :) ) Anyway, we got there and the line was SUPER long!  The wait time was about 45 minutes!!!  There were so many people there!!!  I tried to get a pic of all the people... (that's why this picture is at an annoying angle... I was trying to get it all in in between the columns :))    Here's Aashini doing a jumping picture!!  The girls tried to do a jumping picture :) haha!  haha!  They had a few spills along the way :)  I never got them both jumping :)  Stuff for sale....  OK, one more because I think they are cute :) haha!  People waiting in line :) Some friends that made it inside! :)  We decided not to wait in line... So we'll

Thanksgiving 2012!!

We haven't been in town for the last few years for Thanksgiving...(we were in the mountains... to see those posts, click HERE ).... but this year we were!  We celebrated with folks that live in our city, and folks that live somewhere else and came in town for the weekend :) The kiddos had fun playing at the park :)  The guys played some football :)  ...American Football :)  (it's American Thanksgiving so you have to have some sort of American Football right? :) haha!) We had TONS of food!   This was just the dessert table!  Here are some folks eating...  Here's the "kids table"  :) haha!!  It was a fun Thanksgiving! :)

MasterChef Australia!!!

MasterChef Australia is a great show!  When it's on, we get it 5 days a week.  There are TONS of episodes.  The thing that makes it really cool is that the judges and contestants are all so nice!  The contestants don't stab each other in the back and they even help each other!   Anyway, the other night (a couple of weeks ago) some friends of ours were in town and wanted to go to Chili's, so we went over to the mall to eat :)  When we got there we saw that the bookstore had the Judges (and very famous chefs/restaurant owners) inside signing cookbooks!    When we got inside, they had just closed off the line, so we weren't allowed to go through the line and get them to sign a cookbook or get a pic with them :(    So... we stood as close as we could and took pics :) haha!  (and I didn't have my camera, only my phone to take pics)... Here's Gary...    Here's George with my friend Amy :)  And my attempt at a picture "with" George :)

Weekend Getaway!!

 During the Diwali holidays, the kiddos had off almost a week of school.  So, us and some of our friends went on a getaway!  We went just a little outside of the city to another state and stayed at a fun resort.   Look at the view from our room!  Fun hunh?  Aashini and Diya got to play a lot with their buddies Sanjana and Sandeep :)  The kiddos had a great time on the outside play area :)  The boys spent most of their time playing sports! haha!  They played Badminton (pictured below), Tennis, Water Polo and Cricket at any chance they got! :)  They played ALL day long! haha!  The hotel also had an indoor play area.  They kids had a lot of fun at that one too :)  It had a crazy slide that was super steep and fast!  They usually ended up sliding across the floor  a few feet after they slid off :) haha!  We all tried the slide too :) haha!  There were fountains and water everywhere!  The kids loved it!  haha!  This picture cracked me up! :) In the mo