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We Met Sachin!!!... sorta ;)

We were at the mall the other day and got to meet Sachin (a HUGE Cricket star here). Well, we didn't actually get to meet him... only his cardboard cut out :) We did actually get to see him play Cricket once... but this wasn't the time... although it looks really real! haha! I love Aashini's pose with Sachin :) haha! Diya had to have a chance too :) We had a lot of fun with the cut out thing ;) haha! Aashini was really confused at first... ... but she really got into it :) This picture cracks me up! ;)

I Win!!

I opened up the top of my Coke bottle the other day and found this: It says I won 0.25 p.... The value is 1/2 a penny! It takes 100 Paise to equal one rupee (about 2 cents)... It kinda made me laugh :) But what really made me laugh was the fine print - it said that only the retailer gets the money... and the deal was already expired... oh well... haha!.... OK, so maybe not that funny, but it made me smile :)

Dusty! Dusty! Dusty!

It is super dusty this time a year! We live in a semi-arid part of the country (it's just one step away from desert climate). We usually only get rain 2 times a year, so as you can imagine it's dusty!! This is one of our little balconies. It was swept and mopped at about 8:00 am... this is what it looked like by 2:00 pm!!! In just a matter of hours everything is covered in a blanket of red dust! Which isn't the best when you have to hang your laundry to dry outside :) haha! I have to remember to bring them in as soon as their dry (this time of year is only 15-30 minutes most of the time!!) or else they'll be covered in dust too! This is what happens if I leave out the laundry for about an hour ... It's hard to see in the picture, but do you see that brown line on the shirt? That's where it was hanging over the bar and the dust collected! I can just pick it up and shake it off and it's totally fine... just a bit dusty! haha! I'm so glad I'm n

Lotus Root!

One of the interesting things they eat here is the Lotus Root. It is very unique! If you look below you can see what it looks like :) Picture from Google Images You can learn a lot of interesting things about the Lotus Root if you click here . There is one snack that I really like to make out of the root. First you use a peeler and peel the outside of the root. Then you slice it very thin (using a v-slicer or mandolin is helpful!). Then you deep fry them and salt them. They're a fun yummy snack! I forgot to take an "after picture, so this is from Google Images so that you can see what they look like ;)

All Bundled Up!

I've been trying to get better at photography, so I've been entering the contests at I ♥ Faces Photography... here's my entry for this week (I have to post it on my blog :))

Funny Things - The Things We See & Read!

I can't take credit for this first picture :) My friend took it, and I just had to post it here - it's just too funny ;) Do you think Tom Cruise gave his endorsement for this restaurant? haha! The name of this hair salon cracks me up!! "R's Miracle - Beauty & Hair Correction Studio" - haha! I think I would be embarrassed for people to see me walk in there :) haha! They rebuilt a road here in the Capital that is just a traffic jam mess (AFTER they rebuilt it!)... so now they always have men to man the road. This guy's sign made the smile the other day (it's always nice to smile when you're stuck in traffic :)). Here's a close-up (sort of ) of his sign :) "Go Swlo!" :) This was the picture on a box of medicine for one of the kiddos the other day :) It made me laugh :) This toy in the toy store was funny to me. It's a boy riding on a buffalo while playing the flute... but what's just as funny is the writing that was on

Holi Hai!

Sorry for the lack of posting. Adam's mom and her friend Susan were in town, so I haven't had much time to post :) Holi wasn't as exciting for me this year. Adam was out of town, so I couldn't really do much with two little kids :) Aashini was a little freaked out. Our neighbors came over to "exchange colors" and Aashini wasn't sure what to think and ran and hid! Aashini's comfort "thing" are towels.... not sure why, but I got her a towel and she was happy running around the house and on the balcony with her towel. She had fun throwing water balloons later. It was cute :) Holi is a funny holiday. It's about the only time when everyone can act like a kid :) It's fun to see women who are usually quiet, throwing powder, dyes and shooting water guns at neighbors :) There were a lot of performers that came by our house this year. A lot of drummers and dancers. It was fun :) This picture makes me laugh :) At one point, I was on