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Funny Things - Christmas

At Christmas time it is pretty normal to see people selling "Santa Gear" at the red lights... but the other day I saw something I hadn't seen paired with Santa Hats before... haha!  You never know what you'll see... :)

Random Post - Jewelry

So this is going to be a random post... but I finally found a good way to "store" my jewelry and I thought I'd share :)  I found this fun hook thing and hung my necklaces on it.  I finally got a bangle stand to put my bangles on too...  I used to store my earrings in a box but I never remembered what I had and I always had to look for the match... NOW, I can see all of them and they stay together!  My mom mailed me one of those plastic sheets that you can do cross stitch on (and things like that) and I had it framed without glass!  I know this is random - thought I'd share :) haha!

Funny Things!

My favorite kind of "Funny Things" pictures are nose picking pictures... this time I caught my own daughter in the pick :) This picture (below) isn't funny because the restaurant is called "Yo! China" (it's actually a huge chain and pretty good!!!)... I think it's funny because of the huge sign next to it that says "Calories"... it must say something else in the fine print, but I'd say that their advertising scheme is lacking something.... "Come to Yo! China and you can have Calories!!!" :) haha!  We went to the American Embassy School for their Fall Festival and I saw this... it cracked me up :) This makes me smile every time I see it!!  This guy in the advertisement is so happy!  I love it! :) More to come...

In the Mountains! - Thanksgiving 2011

This year for Thanksgiving we went to the Mountains again :)  Our train was 3 hours late leaving... so we spent some time in the train station before getting on the train :)  BUT...we made it!!  The air was clean & cool, the sky was blue, the water was awesome... it was fun an relaxing!   We had lots of opportunities to hang out with friends and play!!  Here is a pic of a fun game of Frisbee Golf :)  And of course, a Thanksgiving Day Football game!  Here we are eating our Thanksgiving meal :)  It was super fun :)  We went on a safari one day.  We were looking for tigers.  We never saw one, but we saw lot of tiger tracks!  In this pic you can see tiger tracks AND peacock tracks! :)  We stopped at a little store in the middle of the safari (that was surrounded by an electric fence!) and when we got out of our jeeps, the monkeys came running in and looked for things to take!  One monkey even started eating some of the car!  On our last night we had S'