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Personal Space :)

"Personal Space" is a word that I had to re-define after I moved here... In America, we enjoy our personal space. When you talk to someone (unless there is a "close talker") - there is around 2 feet or so between you... In America, guys don't really touch other guys (except for the occasional high-five, "manly hug" or handshake... here in this country... guys walk around with their hand over their friend's sholder, walk around holding hands, sitting on each other's laps... and it's totally OK and normal culturally :) (Adam wrote about this about a year ago - it's pretty funny :) Check it out - Adam's 2 Cents ) Take this picture (below) for example.... if this was in America, you would be able to see each individual seat - AND about an inch of space inbetween each person :) I have really learned about personal space while being on an airplane. If you are sitting on the asile, it's completely normal for a person to come and sit

Hot Hot Hot :)

I was requested by our friend Deanna to post a picture showing just how hot it is... Well, it's really hard to show how hot it is in picture form... and especially since I haven't really been "out and about" outside in a couple of weeks... I didn't really have any pictures that really could convey the heat... BUT there was a great picture in the paper the other day that I thought might just do the job! The guys in the pic below are guys that sell fruit... and in order to beat the heat, they put watermellons on their heads :) It thought that was pretty funny :) It's so hot that when you're riding around in public transportation, it feels like a hair dryer is blowing in your face! It's pretty crazy! It's been over 110 most days, but thankfully (because of the unseasonable rains) it's been in the lower 100's lately :) I have been on bed rest, so I've been watching a bit more TV than normal... I was watching "Cheers" the oth

Sbarro Pizza!!!!

I know this is not the most exciting blog post I've ever written :) but Sbarro Pizza just opened up here in the Capital and I"m really excited!!!!! I haven't been out of the house in about a week and a half - so until I'm out again (hopefully next week)... my blog posts won't be as exciting :) BUT this is exciting for me!! I love Sbarro Pizza :) All of the ingredients to make this pizza are from America too, so it actually tastes like Sbarro Pizza (instead of a South Asian version of Sbarro) :) (not that I usually mind the South Asia version of foods, but when I'm nauseous all the time, it's nice to have some comforts from home :) Yeah! for Sbarro!!

We're Having a BABY!

Yup, that's right! We're having a baby! We're due December 16th! I'm on bedrest right now, so it's not very fun, but hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be off of it :) If you're just finding out for the first time that we're having a baby, that means that we don't have your email address, so PLEASE send it to us so that we can keep better in touch with you!! We started a new "baby blog"... so we'll have a blog with baby stuff and this blog will stay the same :) Check it out!!!

Funny Things... It's been a while :)

Well, I haven't done the best job at blogging lately... I have been pretty sick and haven't felt the best :) but I think I'm back now! So I thought I'd make a new post on some funny things I've seen lately :) The sign below cracks me up everytime I see it... I just don't get it... it's as if the sign has been eaten by the wall... So, the sight below is a very common sight.... millions of light switches.... You'd think that all of those switches would be for the room the size of a football stadium or something... when in actuality it's for a small 20 ft x 20 ft room :) There is a light switch for everything... it's really funny to see people try to figure out which one of those switches turns on the fan they want... it's pretty funny :) I saw this truck (below) the other day - I thought the slogan was pretty funny! "...intime intact" hahaha!! The pic below cracked me up.... We were riding in a rickshaw a while back and I looked