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Just Hanging Around...

Adam and I decided to have a fun and relaxing Sunday. We decided to try to go to a big garden that is supposed to be beautiful and only open for a couple of months. We walked around that area and finally found it... but cameras wern't allowed in... so we left and decided to come back some time without our cameras.... We did see a bunch of cute monkeys while looking for the entrance gate :) (Adam was a little scared of them though... he was carrying some bread that we had just bought and was a little afraid that the monkeys were going to come and attack him - so he hid his bread in his shirt... he got some funny looks... :) After all of that, we went to one of our favorite places to eat!! - The Big Chill ;) It was awesome!! The night before we went to a cool Saturday market and there were tons of bangles... thought I'd include a pic of them :) I love bangles! :)

Funny Things - Animals!

Here are a few animal "funny things" that have made me laugh recently :) Since the weather has been cooler out, people have put clothes on their goats to keep them warm! Now, they don't have speciality stores that sell special "goat clothes"... they just have to get creative or use people clothes :) This picture (below) made me laugh :) This man is walking his goat down the street! :) This guy below confused me... he kept putting this santa mask on this goat... I don't know whether the guy saw us and was trying to impress us with his santa mask-weilding goat... so he just thought it was entertaining ... dunno.... So last.... but definitely NOT LEAST.... the coolest buffalo ever!! I think he had a cold...

Funny Things - Rickshaws!

There are many different types of rickshaws... Auto Rickshaws, Tempos (a different sort of auto rickshaw), man-pulled Rickshaws and my favorite - Cycle Rickshaws! Well, lately it has been raining here in the Capitol. It's not normal to rain this much this time a year!! It's as if we are in monsoon season! Anyway... what do you do if you are on a cycle rickshaw in the rain?? You ride with an umbrella of course! The guy in the back of the rickshaw isn't as funny... but the guy driving AND holding an umbrella - now that's talent! It's hard work being a cycle rickshaw driver! ... so, they defintiely need time to rest! They can be pretty creative at resting :) The guy below doesn't look that comfortable to me... his head is on the metal! but he's zonked out! Here's some guys cuddling up together for their afternoon nap :) And some more cuddling.... OK, so this isn't my funniest "Funny Things" blog... but I still got a kick out of it :

HaPpY VaLeNtiNe'S DaY!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Valentine's Day is celebrated here, but mostly by the "college age" folks. For most poeple, having a girlfriend or boyfriend is not allowed and is considered culturally inappropriate. If they did have a boyfriend or girlfriend and their parents found out... well, lets just say that it wouldn't be a good thing... So anyway... on Valentine's Day, if you go to ANY park in the city, you will see tons of couples paired off everywhere hanging out (and hiding out)... You can see a picture of this below: Yesterday we went to the park in the picture above. It's called "The Garden of Five Senses". It's a really cool park! There were TONS of people there (and tons of couples too) :) At the top of one of the hills, there was a great view :) (see below) My mom loves to see pics of me with flowers... so Adam was taking my pic by the flowers below... well aparently this flower bush was a hair-eating bush! Somehow my hair got all tan

Funny Things - Cars & Roads :)

We see funny things all the time when we're doing regular daily activities :) You never know what you're going to see :) I have a bunch of funny things to post, so today I'm limiting them to funny things that we've seen on the road... it's a "themed" funny things post :) So we saw this horse (above) not too long ago... at first glance it looks pretty normal... then I was looking closely and saw that it had some messages shaved into it... It says HI and has an aarow pointing up... I sure hope that's not a "this-end-up" aarow, or a "get-on-the-horse-here" aarow... not sure... and I'm not sure why it was so important to have an aarow shaved into the horse... hmm... I'm sure there's a logical explaination for it..... or then again.... This sign above says that the widening of this bridge is in progress.... hmmm... really? That sign looks pretty old (notice the rust) and the bridge doesn't look that it's being

Old City

Within the hustle and bustle of the Old part of our city, is the largest M0sque in our country! It's really big and impressive. It is one of the few M0sques that women can enter, so it was really neat for me to get to go inside. The building of it begain in 1650 and it took 6 years and 5,000 men to complete! We got to climb up in one of the Minarets (the one on the left) and get a really great view of the city. Afterwards we walked through a few markets. One of the markets had tons of different kinds of car parts! Every shop had their specialty... hubcaps, headlights, brake drums, etc... this pic below is of the car door shop :)

Super Bowl MONDAY!

Yes, I did say that correctly... SUPER BOWL MONDAY! yesterday morning (Monday) at 4:30 AM... the Superbowl came on here on our ESPN channel! So, a bunch of us got together at a friend's house to watch it! So at 4:30 AM I was watching football (which is hardly ever on TV here), eating brownies, salsa & chips and drinking coke :) It was fun :) The only problem was that we didn't get any of the good commercials... we only got local commercials... There was a cycle of the same cricket and football (soccer) commercials over and over... oh well :) It was fun to be up that early watching football :) I definitely wouldn't do that for just any game though... but that was definitely fun :) In other not-as-interesting-news... we got some new chairs!!! :) We were out with some friends helping them look at furniture and we saw some chairs we liked :) They were VERY comfortable and a great price, so we got them! Now our house is starting to feel more comfortable :) And we now have s

Palace Adventure!

The other day, Adam and I were wanting to do a little more exploring in our city... there's so much stuff here!! It's an old and cool city and there's so much to explore!! We have some friends here that know TONS about the history of the capitol. They were telling us about some cool stuff around that's off the "beaten path" and are hard to find. So we went with their boys to explore the area :) We explored all over the palace and the area around it! We got to climb all though it and all over it! It was really cool! We had a lot of fun exploring and climbing all over these cool pieces of history! It was a lot of fun! whoohoo!