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Doi Suthep

When we first got to Chiang Mai, Thailand, we stayed in a hotel that had a room that overlooked this awesome mountain (this is the view from our room). It's a granite mountain that has two peaks. The one in front has a buddhist temple on top which is commonly called Doi Suthep. You can sort of see it at the top of the first peak in this picture. Anyway, we went to that temple one day while in Chiang Mai. We went there our first time in Chiang Mai about 5 years ago and hadn't been there since, so we thought we'd go up the mountain again... It is a curvy swervy ride up the mountain but we made it (Adam and Aashini only got a little car sick on the way back..) :) There were some kids up on top of the mountain doing some traditional dances for the people that came up there. There were a lot of Buddhist Monks at the temple. Most Buddhist Temples have bells that you are supposed to ring. They were big. Aashini was very interested in the bells. She wanted her picture

Thailand Food Again :)

More funny Thai foods :) I love to see things in other countries that are the same brand as we have in America, but different (or "same same but different" as they say here) :) Funny chip flavors are some of my favorite things. Here's an interesting one ... Blueberry and Hazelnut :) I haven't tried this one yet, but I think I will soon :) Lemon & Sesame... I did try this one - I really liked it. It was very different though :) I'm not sure what these things are (do you know Morgan?) but I think they're so pretty :) This one just made me laugh... I'm sure that this exists in America in the South or at least at the Fair, but here are some fried hot dogs :) haha! They LOVE hot dogs here :) They also love all kinds of weird sea creatures here. Squid is very popular.... anyone want some squid on a stick? I think this is an octopus tentacle on the grill - so different than the food I'm used to eating :) This one is very interesting. It's


We are currently in Thailand working on some stuff, so we've had the opportunity to eat some of our favorite foods we can usually only get here :) The first picture below is especially for my dad :) The things in front are usually called Chinese donuts (from what I've been told). They're basically fried dough that you pour sweetened condensed milk over (that's the part my dad would like) ;) They are so yummy! I have no idea what the round things are called behind the dounts but I love those things (anyone know what they're called?). They have coconut in them but not sure what else :) and then either corn, chives or meat on top.... I like the corn :) The fruit on the left is the Mangostein (not sure if that's how you spell it). It's so yummy. The fruit on the right is the Rambutan - yum! It's kinda like a Lichee... I saw this thing for the first time on this trip - never had it before - looks interesting... I'm definitely going to try it this


I LOVE bangles. I think they're so fun! I was in my favorite bangle shop the other day and took a couple of pictures... thought I'd show them :) Look at how fun and glittery and sparkly they are!! :) haha! yeah, I'm a nerd :)

This is a Trashy Post! :)

Today I thought I'd post about some normal everyday stuff - like TRASH! This is our trash "truck". Six days a week, the trash man comes to our house. He brings up a big trash bag to our door and puts the trash from our building in it and brings it down to his cart. When he gets there, he sorts all of the trash. He puts the plastic in one bag (like you see hanging off the edge), the food scraps are in another, glass in another, etc., then they move on to the next house. They take the recyclable things and recycle them and the rest goes to the dump. I read the other day that our country is the least wasteful country in the world (and America is the most). It's really cool how things get reused and recycled every day here. I also love how they come to our door to get our trash daily - very cool :)

Science Museum

The other day we decided we should check out some of the museums in our city and decided to start off at the Science Museum. We didn't have very high expectations. We hadn't really heard of anyone going to this museum, and couldn't really find much about it online, so I wasn't sure it would be any good or not. It was actually really awesome! We had a lot of fun! The first floor we were on had a lot of old things - I loved this big wheel and Aashini was amazed by it! I currently use my maiden name as my middle name, but before I was married, my middle name was Moire', so I had to to take a picture here :) Aashini loved this part. She kept rubbing that guy's bald head :) haha! The main problem with the museum was that it didn't have central Air Conditioning. There were fans all around and there were free-standing AC units here and there, but it was still pretty hot. Other than that, we were impressed. There were tons of interactive things to touch, p