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Thailand Update!!! :)

OK, so we've been here in Thailand for almost a week and I haven't posted any pics :( So.... today I decided to post some pics :) This first part of our trip has been a lot of hanging out with friends :) It's been awesome!!! A lot of our friends are pregnant this trip, so it's pretty fun :) Here's a pic of 3 of us before dinner :) We also have some awesome friends that live here in Thailand :) We got to hang out with Jacob and Sara all day yesterday!! It was awesome!! In the morning Adam & Jacob played golf while Sara & Keely & I hung out and did some shopping :) Later we all went swimming and that evening we went out to a really cool restrauant on the river :) For the fam... here's a pic of Adam & I :) Here's Sara & I goofing off at Starbucks after dinner :) The last couple of days I've been feeling pretty good - thanks for your prs!! You guys ROCK!!!

We Made It!

We made it here to Thailand!! Whoo hoo!! I'm still feeling sick, so that's been blah! but we're having fun! Look for some pictures soon!! whoo ho0!! Please think about us - that I'll be feeling better :) YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Parenting & Rides...

So the other day I hear a puppy barking like crazy in the alley behind our house... so Adam & I look out there and it's the momma dog with one of her puppies totally terrorizing a rat. It was really funny to watch (at first)... The dogs were terrified of the rat and the rat was just as terrified of the dogs... Eventually the rat died (so that was pretty gross), but it was pretty funny to see the dogs... (OK, so maybe this wasn't the best idea for a blog post....) I took a couple of pics in traffic the other day... thought I'd share... this guy (below) was taking a smoke break at the red light... (You can't ride a bike and smoke very well...) These guys were delivering presents... One guy was standing on the back and making sure that the presents didn't fall... the other guy was taking a cell phone break at the light (you can't ride a bike and talk on a cell phone very well) So, I know this hasn't been the most exciting blog post (I'm just now really

Rain and Microwaves!

It has been HOT!! Two weeks ago, it got up to 125 a couple of days! It has been realllllly hot! Then, all of a sudden, we had a "cool front". It was 100-105 every day and it really felt cool outside - yes, I know, crazy hunh? THEN..... yesterday and today is RAINED!!! It has felt GREAT!!! Here's a pic of what our street looked like when it rained yesterday :) On another note... WE NOW HAVE A MICROWAVE!!! When we lived in M-town, our kitchen was small and could only have an oven or a microwave - so we ended up getting an oven... Some of our good friends just moved back to the states, so we bought their microwave from them (thanks J&K!). The problem is, we haven't had one in 2 years, so we sort-of forgot how to use one :) haha! no, I didn't put a metal cup in the microwave :) (I did remember about that) but for our first use of the microwave, Adam tried to pop a bag of popcorn and really burnt it (that's why there's that nice brown spot on the back)..

Well, I tried :)

So yesterday I wasn't feeling too bad! I started the morning by going to a friend's house (that is moving next week)... She gave me and another friend that is pregnant some of her old baby stuff! Yes! Now, I didn't shower before I went (because I usually throw up after my shower -because of the hot water I guess... and you can't really take a cold shower here because when it's 115+ degrees outside and your water is stored on the roof in black containers... there's no chance for cold water - SOOO... needless to say... I wasn't looking that great)... I wasn't feeling great after our outing, but I also wasn't feeling too bad... As the day went on, I continued to feel better and better.... so I decided NOT to take a shower (and risk feeling bad again)... and I decided that I needed to get out of the house and go to the market (to get some new clothes for my ever-expanding belly). So Adam and I geared up and ordered an AC Taxi. The ride to the market wa

Just a Couple Funny Things....

So the other day Adam and I were at the coffee shop and this guy (below) walked in... he had the biggest hair I think I've seen since we've been here... I thought you might enjoy this big hair picture :) This isn't that funny I guess, but there's a funny street dog that we've been seeing a lot lately... he was born with really big ears, and they're so funny! When he's sitting, he always has them up (like in the pic below)... he looks kinda like a rabbit :) It made me laugh :) haha!

Off of Bed Rest!!!

yea!! I'm off of Bed Rest!!! (check out the "baby blog" for more info - ) So I should be back to blogging now :) Here's a pic (below) of me and some friends (when I wasn't feeling very good :)) haha! Here's a pic (below) of a typical "everyday sight"... This guy goes down our street selling these wicker things - very fun :) He does funny things when he's selling to you... if you are looking at the shelves, he stands on it and dumps water on it - to show you how good the quality is :) haha! fun :)