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We're in the Mountains!!

Yeah!! We're here in the mountains for a month to go to language school! The temperature has been awesome!!! We were actually cold last night :) We're high up - over 6,000 feet!!! It's crazy! I had a little bit of altitude sickness yesterday, but I'm fine now :) We were glad we brought our "backpacker backpacks" instead of luggage because the cars can only go so far up the mountain, and then you have to walk the rest - and it's steep!! hahaha - it was a fun adventure. We took a train & a taxi to get here and it was the best train ride we've ever had here! It was awesome!! We have leaches here!! (Is that how you spell it??) - you know, those little blood-sucking slug things that usually live in lakes or streams... well, it's so moist and wet up here (because we're above the clouds) that they just hang out on the ground... we found one on our wall last night and everyone says to carry around some salt in your pocket in case they latch onto y


Monsoon is here!! It's finally here!! WHoo hoo! I've really been missing the rain and it's raining hard today! It's awesome!! I love rain! yeah! Adam just put up a new blog post :) Check it out, it's funny :) (you can click on the link on the left or just go to: )

Funny Thailand Signs :)

There were some funny signs that we found while in Thailand. I thought I'd pass them along and share them with you guys ;) This one just made me laugh!! Internet-massage-guest house :) I don't know why, but I though it was funny :) You can't see this very well, but it says: "No littering in the toilet bowl please" - that was just really funny to me :) This was a sign at a temple that we went to... my favorite rule is: "Do not dangle any doll" - is that a big problem here? hahaha it's funny that they had to put that on a sign. Maybe it's some cultural thing that I have no idea about - I don't know, but it's pretty funny :) This bathroom sign made me laugh :) And last (but definitely not least) - these funny bathroom signs!! The girl and guys bathroom signs just made us laugh really hard... they were so funny... we tried to mimic them, but we didn't do a very good job ;) haha oh well ;) Hope you enjoy :)

Ko Samet

Well, we ditched Pattaya and we went to a really cool island called Ko Samet. We got in a Song-tao (I have no idea how to spell that)... it's kinda like a truck with two bench seats in the back that are facing each other... and asked them to take us back to the bus station. We told them we were going to take a bus to Rayong... so, we start heading towards the bus station... and then we passed the bus station... we got the driver's attention and told him again that we wanted to go to the bus station... and he said: "bus! yes!"... and we kept on driving... so, like many situations we've been in while living in asia... we just sat back and went along for the ride and decided to just wait and see what would happen... well, after a couple more minutes, the song-tao driver started motioning to a bus driving by us and got the bus to stop. The bus stopped and our driver said that that was our bus to go to Rayong!! It was really funny, we had to give them our bags and jum


BAnGkOk! Well, we left Chiang Mai and headed down south to Bangkok for our vacation :) ... We've had a lot of fun :) We've seen a lot of things and traveled so many different ways... so far we've traveled by airplane, boat, water taxi, songtao, tuk tuk, bus, sky train, metro... well, it seemed like a lot to me :) While in Bangkok, we got to go to the top of the "world's tallest hotel" (that's what the pic from the top is from)... At the top of the hotel, Adam and I got to play ona rickshaw - it was really fun :) We visited the Siam Aquarium... it's supposed to be one of the biggest aquariums in Asia... It was neat... there were all kids of crazy fish!! We took a boat up and down one of the big rivers in Bangkok and went to see some old buildings and some other things... We got to see the largest "reclining buddah" in Thailand... it was HUGE, it's hart to imagine any bigger than that!! Anyway, we had fun! Right now we're in Pattaya

Happy Fourth!

We got to hang out with some fun friends a couple of days before the Fourth, for a fun BBQ celebration (pic above)... Then we had a BIG pool party on the Fourth - it ROCKED!! We've had a lot of meetings, but we've had a lot of fun! Did you know, that at McDonald's in Thailand, they have Waffle Fries!!!!!!! It's sooo cool! They taste really good :) I found a smart car... I thought it was so funny looking... so I took a picture with it... and I look pretty funny looking in the picture :) hahaha :) oh well :) And, I look really funny in this pic below... so I thought I'd tag this pic on to the end...