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Monkeying Around

Today as we were leaving our house the monkey man came down the street. He comes down the street on his bicycle multiple times a day with his monkeys riding on the back. You can pay him to have the monkeys perform. Our across the street neighbors paid to have the monkeys come over to preform and they invited us in to see it too :) The owner made the monkeys do a bunch of tricks. I felt a little bad for the monkeys, but the show was entertaining :) Aashini and Hazel had a fun time watching it :) The whole monkey show was a story about this monkey and his wife and life. It was pretty funny... a little weird too. ... there were a few "scenes" that I totally didn't get... like this one - haha! It was quite entertaining and the kids loved it :) haha!

Mehndi & Friends

My friend Emily that used to live here is here visiting right now :) The other night I went out with Emily & Kiley (who is here visiting too) to get Mehndi. I am still always amazed at the artwork these guys do - amazing! Here are Emily's hands :) We've been having fun and have done some shopping too (for business and for pleasure) haha! Emily is helping us with our business and we are soooo thankful for her! We've had fun shopping and picking out things for it :) Very fun! yay!

Comic Con!!

We found out that Comic Con was coming to our country and we thought that was awesome! They were doing it for the first time ever AND it was going to be in our city - so why not?! I always thought it would be awesome to go in America and this was probably the closest I would ever get :) haha! Here are a couple of comics they drew of a South Asian Superhero - awesome! Of course, as soon as we got off the metro, the papad man was there selling his fun crunchy snacks, so we had to gobble some up! :) It's one of our favorite snacks :) Comic Con was in it's first year here, so it wasn't very big, but it was cool! There were people even dressed up! I wasn't sure what to expect, but some people went all out! There were quite a few jokers, batman, scarecrow, some characters I didn't recognize.... ... even Captain American made a showing! Wolverine really did look like wolverine! Not sure who these guys are in the black... when we were first coming in I saw them and

Friends :)

OK, I'm back :) We've been having a lot of computer issues and my computer had to be wiped a couple of times, but hopefully I'm good now :) A couple of weeks ago school was canceled all over the city because it was too cold (we don't have heaters in the classrooms here :)) We thought it would be a fun day to visit our friend Deepak & his family because their kids were out of school & so were ours :) Here's Aashini with Daniel & Ashish. ALL the kids in the neighborhood were out of school too :) There was a bunch of kids to play with :) Aashini had a lot of fun :) This is the street Deepak lives on. It was full of activity!!!! Cute kids :) You can see Daniel on the left :) Aashini was trying to practice her Hindi :) Diya with Ashish :) Deepak & Sunita ;) Aashini playing tea party :) She has a great smile :) This little girl cracks me up! Ashish & Daniel :) Too cute :)