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Random Stuff :)

There are TONS of places here that will cut your hair :) Most of them are "haircutting salons" but every-once-in-a-while you'll see a "hair cutting saloon" - those crack me up... but this one in the pic below REALLY cracked me up... our friend Thomas that lives here sent us this picture and I just had to post it :) It's the "HARSH HAIRCUTTING SALOON" - hahaha!! Harsh is a very common name here... but when I think of harsh... well, that's definitely not a name I'd want to see when I'm about to get my hair cut :) - do you want a "harsh haircut?" haha! Today we were at a market getting some fruit and other fun stuff... and there were some guys doing some "construction" type work... This guy had a cool hat (the yellow one)... it's a regular construction hat, but has that round thing on top so that he can easily carry things on his head... I thought that was pretty cool :) We also saw this guy at the same market...

"Everything New for Diwali"

So in M-town, around this time of year, we became familiar with the phrase "Everything New for Diwali"... Diwali - the HUGE holiday coming up in November brings about a lot "newness"... People buy new things, fix up their houses, and all sorts of other "new" things... Usually, about a month (or less) before Diwali, everyone gets going on the "newness"... Our neighbors across the street have decided to paint their house for Diwali... Painting houses here is pretty different than in the US :) First, they build this amazing scaffolding out of bamboo that covers the entire house... Then, since the house is made of concrete, they begin to chip off the paint (before they can paint)... Here's a pic of the scaffolding :) Here's a pic of one of the guys chipping away at the paint... he's way up high at the top floor! This year will be our first Diwali in the Capital... Holidays definitely aren't as fun here in our part of the Capital as

The Pin is GONE!

The pin is gone out of Adam's finger!!! He is soooo thankful too! If you don't know about his Finger Surgery , click on that link and read about it :).... Anyway, this time it wasn't as eventful as the original surgery... we didn't have to check in or get a hospital room.... We went in to see his doctor and he took us into this room to take out the pin... They numbed up his finger and put a tourniquet on it and got ready to pull! He had to do a lot of twisting and wiggling to get the pin out of his bone, but after a bit of work, the pin is out!! Adam is glad to have it out! (you can see his smile in the pic below) :) His doctor, Dr. Mukherje is really funny :) He started to take the pin out with forceps, and then he went to the pliers... well, the pliers were HUGE! He was having trouble pulling the pin out with those big pliers... Adam joked with him and said: "If I had known, I would have brought my needle-nosed pliers"... the the doctor said: "that

Happy Birthday Adam!

Yesterday (Sept. 17) was Adam's birthday :) His favorite thing in the world to do is to play outside :) So, he called some folks and they met up to play some basketball :) Our cool friends the Highs gave Adam and awesome leather elephant bank, and a DR. PEPPER! :) Talk about fun! In the pic below you can see Adam sporting his new "Salmon colored shirt"... it was a gift from our upstairs neighbors :) On a side note, we had some new furniture built recently, and it was delivered yesterday. We got a dresser for Jellybean (below) and some bedside tables (not pictured)... and I'm looking forward to getting everything all set up - very fun :) So, I couldn't be a pregnant mom without a rocking chair :) The furniture guy made this chair for us and showed it to us when we went to check on the other furniture... and we just had to buy it :) Whoo hoo! Fun!

We're Home!

We're back home from Bangkok! I had a couple of pics left that I thought needed posting... so here they go... :) This is a pic of me on a motorcycle taxi... It is a good walk from the guesthouse to the SkyTrain station... so to save my feet, we took these sometimes.... I know what some of you (mom) are thinking... "You're pregnant and riding on the back of a motorcycle!!!" - but don't worry mom, it was a very short distance via taxi, we went slow and were only on small back roads :) (Oh, and I sat the "proper" side-saddle style... so easy to get off if I needed to :) One night we were in the mall and they had some sort of "Save the Earth" thing going on. They had plants, ponds, birds, butterflies and all sorts of other things on display, it was cool! While we were there, the "President of Bangkok" and his entourage were there. So I got a pic :)

Night Market

Adam and I went out to the night market last night with some friends... we enjoyed food, shopping and some very interesting Thai music :) We took a picture towards the end of the night :) Just thoought I'd pass it along :)

We made it to Bangkok!

We're here! We made it to Bangkok!! That was definitely the longest 4 hour flight I've EVER taken! haha ! It's an all-night flight and being pregnant, haha - it was quite interesting :) Today, after sleeping a while, we went out and did some shopping things that we had been wanting to do... We at lunch at our favorite Lebanese place here and then went to Starbucks! We chilled and played some cards. Later we went out shopping again. For a funny story, check out the Baby Blog ! You guys ROCK!


So today at the market, Adam saw a guy that he thought he recognized.... there's a very famous Hair dresser here in our country named Habib ... So Adam went up to him and asked if he was Habib ... it was pretty obvious that he was because he had an entourage with him :) He said yes, and Adam got his picture with him :) Check out the stylish hair on Habib ! He also has a salons in the UK and New York. Check him out! Habib's ... We love meeting "famous" people here, it's so fun :) Our friends here are going to be jealous that we got to meet him! :)

Random Pics

Adam has been taking some pics lately with our other camera, and since he isn't an avid blogger, I decided to post some of them for your viewing pleasure :) This pic below makes me laugh - the kids are making funny faces. This is from the "Wholesome Public School" :) This pic below is of a kid that Adam likes... his name is Adam :) I thought this was a cute pic! One of our friends was on the radio today :) So if any of you want to see what a South Asian Radio Station looks like - check out the pic below: And a fun picture... An elephant crossing the street as taken from the front window of a bus :)

Birthday AND a Holiday

Tomorrow (Sept 4) is another holiday here. It's the birthday one of the g0ds, Krishna. Some people take this holiday VERY seriously. There have been celbrations going on in the temples for the last week. Adam and I went to one of the temples a couple of days ago for some "cultural learning"... This temple we went to is actually an ISKC0N Temple (International S0city for Krishna Consci0usness). It's actually a branch off of H'nduism... it has become popular in the West. In the pic below, you can see people w'shipping inside of part of the temple. Same thing... they were chanting the Hare Krishna mantra over and over again. They tried to give us some "free books" while we were there, but wouldn't give them to us unless we paid something... hmmm.... not really free... On another note :) My friend Jaya (below on the right) and her friend Manu got to come visit me at my house for the first time while she was in the Capital for her interviews.