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Ear Surgery!!

In October (just after our vacation to the beach where Diya fell off the balcony ), I got a cold.  During my cold my ears started to hurt a lot and my right ear was totally clogged!  I looked up every home remedy and I tried them all (just about)... but it stayed clogged and I couldn't hear out of my right ear at all.  I figured it would just go away, but it never did.  One day I noticed that I was losing my balance a lot more.  I knew the ear can mess with your balance so I figured that was what it was.   I started having daily balance problems.  Then, after a couple of days, I got my first experience with vertigo.  It was horrible... I was nauseous, vomiting and my whole body was spinning while I was laying still (and it lasted 6 hours!!!).  After that I decided it was time to go to the doctor.  We went in the morning to an ENT and he prescribed some antibiotics.  I took those for a few days while still having vertigo just about every evening.  During that time I tried out

Funny Things :)

Laughing always makes me feel better, so I thought I'd post some "funny things" pictures :)   This picture was taken near our house.  It's common to see trucks full of people in traffic with you, but this one was REALLY leaning to the left and I thought it was really funny :)   A truck full of people is always kinda funny too :)  Adam and the girls like to eat cereal with these big soup spoons.  The other I dropped this one and it broke... it seemed pretty funny to me that our Humpty Dumpty spoon broke.... We couldn't put it together again, so we threw it away :)  The other day at the girls' school this lady was picking up her son.  He had a big sword poking out of his backpack... not sure what that is for... totally a normal thing to bring with you to school - a big (seemingly real) metal sword  :) made me laugh :)    Does anyone know what beard perming is?   I'm thinking it probably just means beard dying... but I can totally picture a ma