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Showing posts from December, 2005

Christmas Day!!

Christmas day was good. We met at another couple's house and had a party!! This is a pic of some of our friends that came :) We hope you guys had an awesome Christmas!!! YOU ROCK!

MeRRy ChRisTmaS!!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Well, it doesn't really feel like CHristmas here (since hardly anyone celebrates it) so we've been doing different things so that it feels like Christmas :) We decorated this little tree outside with the kids that we live with. We made ordaments and even decorated the pot :) We also found lights and a little fake tree that we decorated and put inside :) It's fun :) Merry Christmas everyone!! We love you!!! - A&A-

It's Getting Cold!!

Belive it or not, it's actually getting cold here! We bought a space heater the other day because it gets sooo cold in our house. (The only problem is that our power is out about 12 hours a day, so we can only use the heater the other 12 - oh well :) This is a picture of Ama. She's the helper for the family that lives downstairs from us. She was really cold, so she got under this huge blanket. :)

Language Helpers!!!

Here's some pics of our language helpers :) The first pic is of Adam's lang helpers - Depanch and Sunny. The next pic is my lang helper Jaia and her mom.

Elephant Sighting!!!!

Yesterday there was an elephant just walking down our street!!!! It was awesome! His owners were asking for money and also for food for their elephant... We paid 10 rs. (25 cents) to take pictures of the elephant and to video him :) It was fun :) In the bottom picture, you can see a baby on top of the elephant... some parents pay to have their children put on the elephant for "good luck" or something like that... It was just funny seeing a large elephant walking down a small narrow street :)