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It's a GIRL!!!

It's a GIRL! I'm sorry I haven't been able to post (no wi-fi at the hospital) :) On Wednesday (Nov 25) I had started to feel worse than I had before. My vision had blurred a few times that day and my blood pressure was getting higher, so we called my doc that evening and she said we needed to check in. We checked in and they monitored me for a few hours (and my BP kept slowly climbing) and my doctor decided we needed to go ahead and have the baby. Since I had a previous c-section, she didn't want to induce, so we scheduled the c-section for the next day. It was a TOTALLY different experience from last time! If anyone is interested, I'll write about it, but I was totally lucid during the entire c-section (which I wasn't last time) and I was talking with the attendants about Bollywood movies while they were stitching me up - it was fun :) (until the numbness wore off....) Anyway, here's Diya's Info (if you can't read it, you can click on the pic

McDonald's Breakfast!

Oops - I meant to put this post on this blog (since it goes with the previous post) I'm going to post it here too :) haha! Well, after writing that post on McDonald's, I was really wanting to try the breakfast :) So... we dropped Aashini off at school on Tuesday and went out to find a McDonald's that serves breakfast. There aren't any that are close to our house, but we found one that wasn't too far away :) We were both really hungry by the time we got there so we ordered one of everything they had on their breakfast menu :) haha!! Now, don't get freaked out, there are only about 7 things on the breakfast menu here :) They even had hash browns!!!!!! One of the things I got was the Veg McMuffin - I just had to try it :) I was a bit surprised when I bit into it and corn popped out :) haha! It was good though :) And yes, I'm pregnant and puffy in all those pictures - even my wrist/hand in the pic above! ahhh... pregnancy :)

American with a Twist!

So I haven't been out as much lately... I'm huge and pretty uncomfortable, so walking around hasn't been a big priority... so I don't have much to share on this blog right now :) I thought I'd post about a few things we have here lately that are American with a twist ;) We have McDonald's here and it's good - definitely different than the US (I posted about it before in case you're interested)... Anyway, now a few of them have started serving Breakfast! I'm excited. I haven't made it to have breakfast yet but I can't wait to try it :) One of the things they sell is the Veg McMuffin :) Sounds good! In our country eggs aren't usually considered veg (or vegetarian - does that answer your cupcake question Erin?) so this one is some sort of veg patty that has spinach - I can't wait to try it :) We also have Pizza Hut here. There are some funny toppings (although definitely not as funny as Thailand has!)... For some reason they l