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Florida Gators!

OK, so don't get me wrong by the title... I'm a super proud Florida State Grad and a big FSU fan... but this week here in Thailand, Tim Tebow is hanging out with us :) For those that don't know, he's the quarterback for University of Florida - he's a believer and a really awesome bold guy. So, since he's a Heisman winner (AND the only underclassman to ever win the Heisman) we thought we should get Aashini in a Heisman pose with him :) haha!

In Chiang Mai!

We've made it here to Chiang Mai! Aashini had her first Tuk Tuk ride! Tuk Tuks are the Thailand version of a Rickshaw :) - but they're leaned back and super comfortable!! Here she is in the Tuk Tuk again :) In the background you can see the red trucks - those are called Song-taows (i have no idea how to spell that) - she also had her first ride in one of those yesterday too :) And another one just because it was funny :) We also went to Tesco - it's like Wal-Mart... She had fun looking around at everything :) Aashini got to hang out with her buddy Becka (Tony & Stephany's little girl) - they had fun and will be hanging out a lot this week ;) Last night we got awesome foot massages ;) - it's great to get foot massages here because the ladies that aren't working will hold your baby - they are so great with kids, so it was great :) I'll leave you with this one... enough said :) We'll keep ya posted!!

In Thailand!

We flew to Bangkok, Thailand today! The flight went well :) Aashini cried a little, but did awesome! We got the bulkhead seat and they even had an extra seat next to us! Aashini really only set in it for a pic or two, but it was fun anyway :) You can see the Buddhist monk in red behind Aashini. The guy that set next to us was a Monk also, he was actually the translator for the Dalai Lama ! Cool hunh? It was funny because he was typing on his laptop the whole flight (and Aashini was grabbing at his robe - haha!) This picture below cracked me up so I had to post it :) When we got here we had to go get a few things at the grocery store :) Aashini went to her first grocery store in the Middle East, but this was her first time getting to ride in a cart!!! She LOVED it!! She was swining her legs, babbling up a storm and looking at everything! Thai people LOVE babies!!! She got a lot of attention today! I have a feeling she's going to get a lot of attention the next coupl


So one of the great things about South Asia is BOLLYWOOD!! Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood isn't actually a place - it refers to the Hindi Film industry here in South Asia. The films totally ROCK! Well, not all of them rock, but they're great fun! Now, to go see a movie in the theatre, it takes dedication :) The films are usually about 4 hours long (but they do have an intermission in the middle). They are full of drama, dancing, singing and more drama. In my opinion, the best part of a film is the dance/musical numbers that are in them. Crazy enough, a film's success usually depends on the quality of these musical numbers... So here is a good one for you to check out if you have time - it's fun! There's one movie that has an even better song than the one shown above, but it was a little provocative at the beginning, so I didn't want to put it on the blog - but anyone that wants to check it out - it's awesome!! - Kajra Re . I have a few favorite bollywood movi


So the girls have left, and we are SICK! Luckily for Aashini it's not the contageous kind... but it isn't very fun... Meet our friend Mr. Ameoba: So, he's been tagging along with us for the last week and we're REALLY hoping he'll go away SOON! No fun :)

Still here :)

The girls from FSU (and one UWF girl) are still here for a couple more days. So far all of the FSU girls have gotten sick ... Adam & I have gotten sick too! YUCK! There must be something about UWF... she hasn't gotten sick yet :) As you can see, they're having fun and fitting in well :)

Just for Fun :)

I was playing around with some of my pictures yesterday and thought I'd post a few of my favorites from the last few months :)