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Here's our "trash truck". This is how our trash is picked up. Our trashman comes to our house 6 days a week and takes our trash from our house and puts it in a big bag. He then takes the trash out of the bag and sorts it in this cart. Plastics in one area, food scraps in another, glass in another, etc... Anything that can be recycled is recycled. Food scraps are usually given to animals or to their keepers. He takes the trash to a trash house. There is usually one in every neighborhood. That trash is later sent to the dumps. At the dump there are many families that live there. They dig and go through the trash that is sent to the dump. They find anything else they can recycle or sell or use.... and THAT is how a small country of over a billion people deals with the "trash problem."

Little Bit of This and That :)

I had a few random pictures to post... It's been raining a LOT lately! Even if it's raining, people have to work. This guy (below) had a creative rain guard :) It's hard to tell in this picture, but it was like a funny hat :) Here is one of those weird funny fruits... This is Lychee . It has a pink/red outer rind. You peel it off and there is a white fruit inside with a huge black seed. It's a funny fruit! Just some plums, cherries & lychees for sale at a night market :) OK, that post as a little boring... oh well :)

Funny Things - Ideas :)

This one cracks me up :) I've been meaning to post this forever... There was a "special report" in the newspaper about a year ago. The report was about population control. Most of the articles talked about having more power. We have lots of power outages in our country. In M-town (when we lived there, it's better now), the power was out 8-12 hours a day. In the Capital it varies by what area you live in, but it's usually out once a day in most places for "load shedding." Anyway, this article basically said that if the electricity in our country was better, there would be less children. The quote at the top of the paper (that is cut off) says: "If there is electricity, people will watch TV late into the night and fall asleep. They won't get a chance to produce children" It made me laugh :)

Funny Things - Signs :)

I LOVE the funny signs here! They're awesome :) Here's a collection of funny signs that Adam and some other friends took that I just had to share :) My friend Brandy took this one. A little background before you read it. Most vegetarians in South Asia feed their dogs vegetarian foods - bread, yogurt, veggies, etc. Anyway, this sign says: "Beware of Dogs - Strictly Non-Vegetarian". haha! Not sure what they mean by that - maybe they're trying to say that the dog isn't afraid to eat meat (YOU!) :) My friend Kara took this picture the other day. She was taking a picture of the elephant, and then later noticed the billboard in the background. It says: "Replace the fear of unknown with Curiosity". It's for a PRESCHOOL! I'm pretty sure I would never send my kid to a preschool that advertised with a picture of a child next to a cobra... Adam saw this place the other day... doesn't sound that good to me :) This one makes me laugh!


Monsoon season in the Capital isn't as exciting as in other places in our country, but even so, we get excited about rain. We rarely get rain, so when it's monsoon season it's different and exciting :) I messed up these pictures a little and didn't have time to go back and change them, so you'll just have to see these :) Aashini LOVED the rain! She had tons of fun playing out in the rain on our balcony with her umbrella (we don't really play with the puddles on the street... you can't be sure what is in those... sewers tend to overflow in rainy season.... so playing in the puddles on our balcony is perfect!). She thought it was awesome! Since it doesn't rain here very much, the city isn't set up to handle a lot of rain, so when it rains the roads get a little crazy! One day we went to the mall when it was raining! We thought we weren't going to make it in! Monsoon is fun and keeps life even more interesting :)