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Another day at the Market...

So it seems that we always have to go to the market... so here's some fun pictures from our market experiences this week :) So, the other day, we bought some chai cups from the guy below... as we were about to leave, we noticed his display table that he has tons of class and ceramic things on.... are on a piece of plywood that is stacked on rocks and bricks... it really didn't look sturdy enough to stack glass things on, but it definitely worked... I thought it was funny... So then, in one of the markets was this guard... There are guards everywhere... but this guy was from a company that made me laugh... you can see it on his shirt... the "Decent Group"... no, not the Outstanding Group or Amazing Group, just the Decent Group :) Now, lots of crazy thing have been going on in our city with the government and the shops (closing the shops and things like that).... so this guy got creative :) He has all the shawls that he's selling draped all over his body... lo

International Trade Fair

So last year we went to the International Trade Fair (IIF) here in the capital. It was really cool. The only problem was, that last year we went on a weekend night... so it was extrememly busy... so busy that we could hardly move around.... SO.... this year we decided we'd go on Wednesday at 1:00 when it opened (that's around lunch time for most people here)... we thought that it wouldn't be so busy then... I mean really, what was I thinking... we live in a city of millions of people!! We got to one of the gates and this is what we saw.... So we thought, hmmm.... maybe all of these people are just hanging around and waiting for other people or something like that... so we decided to check out the lines.... hahaha... see below: Just a few people in line hunh? hahaha :) This is only one of the many entrances... I think there were about 12 gates!!! Hahaha... Adam and I figured out a quick way to get in :) and we were in in about 10 minutes :) Of course, there's always a


Happy Thanksgiving!!! Adam and I met up with a bunch of other American friends and had an awesome feast! Afterwards we got to play a little football and hang out! It was a lot of fun! Hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving and had a great after-Thanksgiving nap :)

Fooseball Table via Bicycle 65+ miles!

We got our Fooseball Table! Whoo hoo!! We got a phone call the day before yesterday from the store in M-town. They said that they were dispatching our fooseball table at that time and it should reach us in about 4 hours! Then they said something about it coming by rickshaw... Rickshaw? Adam asked to be sure, and the guy said, yes, he will be coming from M-town to Delhi via Bicycle Rickshaw!! That's at least 65 miles!!!!!!!! For those of you that can't picture what this rickshaw looks like, see the pic below: An old bicycle that has NO GEARS with a cart attached, used to manover through insane traffic on the road from M-town to the capital. Crazy!! Well, needless to say, it didn't take 4 hours... it takes us 3 hours to do that trip while in a car!! The guy left around 2:00pm and arrived at our house at 4:00am (14 hours later!!)!!! He was very nice though and waited until 6:30am to ring our doorbell... This guy wasn't a young wipper-snapper either! He looked pretty old!

Market Experiences...

There are many markets here in the capital. Some are very similar to our markets in M-town, but some are VERY different. We've had to go to a lot of markets this week to get all of the supplies and things we need to get our new flat all set up, so we've had many different experiences this week. The pic below is of one of the nicer touristy markets... So, most of the time, when you go to the market, you will have many kids come up to you asking for money. Sometimes (usually on Saturdays) they will have some sort of idol paraphernalia with them hoping to encourage the person they are begging from to give them some money. We usually try to keep snacks like peanuts or something else to give them instead of money and they are usually just as happy with that :) You can see why they send the kids out to do this... look how cute they are... how can you say no to a face like this?? :) One of the markets has a store that has become very creative recently. You see, there is a big proble

Signs and Other Funny Things...

So, sometimes I walk through the market and I don't think anything of the signs I see, but then there's some days when I see the same signs I've seen over and over and realize that there's something funny about that sign... take this sign for example... I guess it was supposed to be Snacks or Shakes... but SNAKES!! hahaha -- and for a vegetarian society, that's quite a funny missprint :) You know how sometimes you see how trees have grown into a metal fence or something like that... well, yesterday we saw that this tree above, has grown over this scooter tire... hmm.... how on earth did that happen????? Really? Any ideas? And this dog was just so cute, I had to post him... we don't see many cute dogs around here... unless they are shipped over from other countries... anyway, this dog made me smile so I thought I'd pass this pic along too to maybe make you smile :)