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Funny Things - School :)

Since it's the beginning of the school year here, I thought I'd do a funny things post that was school related :) (The school year here begins in April. May & June are summer break and school starts back in July :)). Anyway, this is a book that we got from Aashini's school when she started there. It's a "coffee table book" called: "Celebrate Childhood".... Each page has a picture on one side and "something to celebrate" on the other side. They say things like: "Celebrate holidays... celebrate winning prizes, etc..." This one below is an example. It says on the top: "Celebrate unexpected guests who drop by to see the baby". The bottom part says: "Teach children to welcome guests and respect elders. Let them learn good social manners early on." OK, that's cool.... but this next one.... I'm not sure how well this next one would go over in the US.... It says: "Celebrate drawing on

Holi 2011

This year's Holi was a little different than planned :) haha! Aashini was super excited about Holi this year! Last year she was pretty terrified, but this year she LOVED it! (for previous Holi posts, click HERE ). She came out with her huge water gun and quickly switched to her small one. She LOVED it! Here's a pic of Adam - just about the only one I got of him... Diya didn't like Holi very much. If water was squirted near her she freaked out. Aashini's favorite thing to do was to squirt the colors and "clean up" people's steps :) haha! Our little section of our neighborhood (about 20 houses) celebrates Holi together on this road (one of our balconies overlooks it). Here's some of our neighbors :) Here's Aashini having fun :) Here's a couple of our neighbors. The girl on the left lives upstairs from us and has a little sister that is Aashini's age - she plays with her most afternoons - it's awesome! Aashini having fun :) Thes

New Neighborhood - the Market :)

Thought I'd post a couple of pictures of our new neighborhood! :) Here's the market in our new neighborhood (not a great picture) :) This is just around the corner from our house :) Here are the girls riding a ride in the market :) Our market has a special Friday Night Market - it's walking distance from my house! It's awesome!!! I'm so excited! This isn't a great shot - but this is the view from our roof :) Pretty cool!!

Funny Things :)

Here's just a few funny things I've seen recently :) It's starting to get warm (70s and upper 80s) but some people are still dressing warm. Check out this girl's outfit! I think everything she's wearing was knitted! Awesome! This train made me laugh! haha! This is in our new neighborhood. They had this sign up and it made me laugh :) It says: "Fix Prise means No Tention" haha! Love it! This is a chain of stores in our area of the city... they are totally OWSOME! :)

We Have Shifted!

We moved houses!! We moved last week! Our house had some serious termite issues and through some crazy events we ended up having to move earlier than planned. Here's our house being packed up :) This is what I and the girls did while Adam and the boys were moving and packing up the house :) Our awesome friends took us in for the day (and ended up being the night too!) while we moved! There was a glitch with the moving (and city rules) so they had to sit with the packed up truck until 9:00 pm... they weren't done unloading the truck until 3:45 am!! Here's a picture of a room with all our stuff moved in!! I love the house shaped windows - haha! This is our landlord at her house :) She's awesome ;) This is a road right behind our house that leads to this awesome ridge/park!! It's called the Rock Garden. It's full of big rocks - it's awesome! Aashini LOVES it! Here's one of the views from the top! Aashini & Diya LOVE climbing on the rocks! In our

Monkeys & the City

Today Emily and I went out around town to do some business things, "other things" and to have some fun. To start off the morning we went to one of my favorite parantha places :) We had yummy paranthas (I had a yummy lemon one!). Here's a picture of Emily by the Parantha place - see the monkey? - he was throwing things in my hair - ick! I thought these quits were awesome! Here's a view from one of the metro stations :) There weren't many cars on the road, so it looked a little funny :) I thought this doorway was cool :) It's not a great picture (my 50 mm lens is stuck on my camera and I couldn't stand in the middle of the road to take the picture) but it was so cool I just had to take a picture ;) Fun!