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Snake Charmer :)

Adam and I were hanging out with a Snake Charmer the other day!! He put the snakes around our necks and everything :) It was crazy!! (don't worry, they take the teeth and the posion out of the snakes before they use them - which makes it a little dissappointing when we see them now :) This guy had two snakes - it was aweome :)
Well, Adam and I actually got to spend the day as tourists yesterday - it was fun :) The first thing we did was go to the famous place - Humayun's Tomb. It's funny because the price for nationals is only 10 rs. and for foreigners it is 250 rs. - pretty big difference :) We had lots of fun :)

Next, we decided to go to the zoo :) At the zoo there were two different prices also... not as big of a difference, but it was 10 rs. for nationals and 50 rs. for foreigners. When we got to the ticket counter, we spoke to the lady in the language here and she asked us where we live. We told her and she was so excited and impressed with our language that she let us in for the local price!! It was a small language victory :) The zoo was fun! We didn't get to spend very long there because it closed a little over an hour after we got there, but it was cool!! I fell in love with this cute little bear. I didn't have the settings right on my camera, so the pic isn't very good, but you …


The fireworks keep coming!!!! They have been going non-stop for days! They are soooo loud. When they go off, they rattle our whole house. It's really cool though - the sky is so bright and colorful!!
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Today was Dewawalii - we decorated our floor - it was fun!! It looked really cool when we were done :)
When we woke up this morning, our house had been deocrated with long strands of Marigolds and leaves from the Mango trees. It was very elaborate!

At night we had dinner and everyone wears something new. I wore a saree and I even tried to put it on myself - and I did a pretty good job :) (but they did have to help me fix it :) We had a great time.... we spent the day visiting friends, giving gifts of sweets and eating sweets :)