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Funny Things - Shirts and Signs

I Love Funny things :)  I'm sure I've said that a million times on this blog :) haha!  Anyway, here are a couple of  things I've seen lately :)   Adam grabbed this picture the other day... the boy's shirt says:  "World's Goodest Grandpa" haha!  At the water park the other day I saw this ride... it was like the Teacups at Disney... I think it was supposed to be called Cup and Saucer... but instead it is called:  "Cup & Soccer" :) haha! :)  I saw this graffiti at one of the metro stops the other day... I thought it lacked a little creativity... :) haha!

Water Park Fun!

Last week we went with our friends to a local water park to have fun together and to beat the heat :)  It was a lot of fun :) This park was really fun.  I knew of a couple in this area, but didn't know about this one.  There were a lot of slides and it was fun! :) I took Aashini down one of the slides and she was really mad at me because I let her face get in the water :)   Adam and Vijay going down a slide together :) Diya and Vijay :)  This picture cracks me up :) This one too :) haha! This is the "kiddie" area of the park... it had 3 slides and was really fun :) We stopped halfway through and had some lunch :) We had a great view of the "Rain Dance" from our lunch table :) Eating Lunch :) They had extra entertainment there :)  There was a mime that was running around the park :)  Diya thought he was hilarious! :) Something different than America... In America what we call "Swimsuits", they call "Swimming Costumes" here (the British and the Australia…