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You Got Yourself a Fish Biscuit!

LOST is over and I'm so sad :) I'm a big fan :) Every week, our friends Joe & Amberley would come over and we'd watch LOST. Since the finale was this week, and Aashini wanted some cookies, we decided to make some LOST cookies ;) Here's Aashini making hers :) Adam got really into decorating his :) Here's Adam trying to scare Joe with his "Smoke Monster Cookie" (Joe is eating a "Fish Biscuit") :) We ate Nachos and Amberley made a yummy cake... and now LOST is done! Here's Adam pushing the Donkey Wheel :) (We saw this at a Museum today!) Yeah, I'm a nerd, but it's fun :)

Funny Things - I'm still laughing!!!

We were leaving our house the other day and saw this big truck on the street. The minute we saw it we could not stop laughing... Look at the close-up below to see why... This is the sign on the truck - "Super Sucker Machine" - hahaha!! Too funny!!!

Walk the Plank!

They're doing construction all over our neighborhood right now on the Nalas in front of our house (the sort-of open sewers). They had to dig up our entire driveway, so now if we have to leave the house, we have to "walk the plank". It makes me laugh!. The hole is kind of deep (you can sort of see below), so hopefully I won't slip :) It makes me laugh :)

Funny Things - Power Lines

Power Lines are funny here :) I would hate to be an electrician here! It's a mess - at least it looks that way. It's probably just like the traffic here though - when you first look at it, it looks like chaos, but when you "get to know it" you see it actually has order to it :) - Either way, it cracks me up :) My dad took this pic when he was here. This is something we see all the time, so I never think to take pictures of it :) When you buy some things here they don't always come with a plug. You can get a plug put on it OR you can just plug the wires directly into the socket :) (but you usually have to stick a pencil into the socket first to open up the shutters :)) We saw this the other day :) This was a piece of kid's playground equipment. They strung the electrical wires through it... seems safe hunh? Funny Funny Things :)

Funny Things - Welcome to the 50s!

I got a swimming membership at a local pool. I LOVE to swim!! I'm so happy to be swimming again :) It's almost the only way I can do exercise here. I get dehydrated very easily, so swimming is the perfect exercise for me when it's super hot! I love it too :) Anyway, on the first day I went, I saw this awesome old vibrator belt "exercise" machine outside (the pool also has a workout facility). It cracked me up!!! (you can look at a funny old picture of people using these back in the day if you click here). If you look closely at this picture you can see the brand of it - "Mona Lisa" hahahaha! That made us laugh a lot! It's just funny to me... the painting of the Mona Lisa doesn't show her body at all, so it's just funny that an exercise machine was named after her :) It was even funnier that it was out in the parking lot :) I just had to play with it :)


When we went to Preeti's wedding a few weeks ago, I had to leave the wedding at one point because Diya was crying. When I was walking around with her we saw a ton of peacocks! There were at least 10!! They were all walking around on the top of the buildings. I think they were all females except this one male and he was showing off his feathers! I've seen peacocks before, but I don't think I had ever seen a peacock from behind like this before! It looks cool!

Water Palace :)

When my parents were here we explored some fun things we hadn't seen before. On this outing we found the Water Palace. It's nestled in a tight neighborhood in the South - not far from our house! We parked out car near someone's house and walked around this lake (below). The picture below is of the lake with a small building on it, but not the palace... Here's the palace! It was pretty small and was surrounded by a moat. It's in the dead center of the city. This is the view (below) from the roof. You can see the neighborhood hustle and bustle going on like normal around this old palace - so cool! This isn't a great picture, but you can see the palace from another angle. To my back (in the picture above) is this (below). We think it's a part of the old wall. We didn't explore it too much. Some people had taken it over as their home. It's crazy how all these ruins are mixed in within this city. Look in the picture below where the tree is. The…