Thursday, April 25, 2013

Funny Things - Age Appropriate?

Just wondering... but who thought that putting a HUGE Super scary picture right over the playground was a good idea??  hahahaha!!!  My kids were terrified! :) haha!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Comic Con 2013

 Comic Con 2013 just ended.  It was a fun one this year.  This was the 3rd Annual Comic Con here.  We've been to it all 3 years.  It's getting bigger each year!  I think they grew out of their venue this was soooo crowded!
 Here's me imitating "Superkudi" :)
 Aashini and me :)
 For the Love of Comics...
 Some guys that were dressed up... the guy on the left isn't in his full attire... He won the CosPlay contest that day... he won a trip to Dubai to their Comic Con!!
 This was my favorite costume of the day... Nyan Cat :)
 There were lots of people there!
 Me and the girls on the 2nd day :)
 I had to have at least one jumping picture :)
Our friend Ford made a video of the first day... check it out!

Thursday, February 07, 2013


 Starbucks opened in our city last night!!  I'm not a huge coffee drinker... but I was excited about the opening!!  (I think I like Starbucks because of all the green! haha!... Aashini and Diya think the mermaid on the logo looks like me... haha! Maybe it's the weird wavy hair :)... not sure :) )

Anyway, we got there and the line was SUPER long!  The wait time was about 45 minutes!!!
 There were so many people there!!!  I tried to get a pic of all the people... (that's why this picture is at an annoying angle... I was trying to get it all in in between the columns :))  
 Here's Aashini doing a jumping picture!!
 The girls tried to do a jumping picture :) haha!
 haha!  They had a few spills along the way :)

 I never got them both jumping :)
 Stuff for sale....
 OK, one more because I think they are cute :) haha!
 People waiting in line :)
Some friends that made it inside! :)
 We decided not to wait in line... So we'll have to go back soon and check it out :)