Monday, December 31, 2007

Kumar Visit :)

Yesterday the Kumars came to visit us :) If you're new to my blog... the Kumars are the family that we lived with for our first year here in M-town. They've been really wanting to come see Aashini, so they drove 3 hours to come and visit us :)
We hung out and chatted, ate and had fun :)
And, of course played some fooseball :) ( I still can't remember how to spell it)
And of course they came to see Aashini
It was sooo great to see them :)
And yet another picture...
Aashini really liked her aunt Mona :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winter in the Capital

Before I came here I didn't think it would get very cold here.... It can get up to 135 degrees in the summer, so there's no way it can get cold! Well, I was wrong... for a Florida girl, it can get pretty cold here :) During the day right now it can get up to 65 or 70 degrees but at night it's been about 40 degrees...

So, that may not sound like it's that cold... and outside it feels great! - but inside it can be really cold! Our houses don't have any insulation (only concrete/brick walls) and the floors are made of marble.... and that can make for a chilly house!

Aashini LOVES to be warm! We have a little space heater that can heat up a room really well, and we usually turn it on at night to heat up the room before we go to bed....
Well, ever since we've taken Aashini home from the hospital, she has HATED diaper changes... she will scream and cry through them! Well, a couple of weeks ago, we were changing her diaper and she got the whole changing area on our pack-n-play really wet, so we moved her to the mat we keep in our diaper bag and changed her on the floor... and since the floor is so cold, Adam turned the heater on her.... That was one of the best discoveries! She slept through the diaper change! She loves the heater!!! Now we use it for all the diaper changes and she loves it!!!

Here's a pic below:

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas!!! (or Happy Christmas as they say here :)) - We got home tonight (Christmas) and we're celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus by having our baby home and almost well :) WHoo hoo! Hope you guys have GREAT Chrstmas' - You guys ROCK!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back in ICU

Aashini is back in the ICU... for more, check out our other blog:

Christmas Fun!

There are Christmas goodies on The Caravan site!!! You will find a Caravan Christmas story, computer desktop wallpaper (in Googly's Goodies section), coloring pages and more!

And don't forget about L0ttie M00n !!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


So, today we saw a new pizza place and decided to try it... when it came to our house we really cracked up when we saw the box :) haha!I LOVE it when there are funny misspellings :) haha! Do you want some SMAKE'N LIP PLZZA?? So what is Dutch Flavoured pizza anyway?? hmm... Anyway, thought I's share :) It was funny :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Culture Fun!

There are a lot of fun cultural things going on this time of year. Right now it's "Wedding Season"... It's kind of like the summer months in America - but LOUDER and ALL WEEK LONG... not just the weekends...

So weddings are really fun (you can see one of my previous posts on weddings by clicking here: Wedding Post)... One part of the wedding, that is the loudest, is the part where the groom and his family arrive at the wedding... depending on how much money they have, depends on how extravagant it is. Typically, the groom will come in on a white female horse with the family and friends walking along side him. They will also have guys that are carrying a string of big lights that look kind of like chandeliers... (you can see an example of some in the picture below). Then they will usually have music of some kind. In M-town, the typical music was a couple of drummers - which was really cool!Another kind of music that is done for a wedding percession is a full-out band. This wasn't as common in M-town (although we did see it a lot), but it seems to be used more frequently here in the Capital. They will wear cool band uniforms and play popular radio songs. It's really fun!
Yesterday we were riding through the city and we saw this group of people going to a wedding... It's not the best pic because we were all driving in the crazy traffic (and it's super foggy because of the time of year)... but I thought it was fun :)
Birthdays are HUGE here! They are a crazy cultural event that I have really had to get used to :) Adam wrote a blog about it when we first really experienced birthdays here (before we really understood them :)) . If you want to read it, click here: Adam’s Birthday Blog . Our across-the-street-neighbors had a BIG birthday party the other day. Their house was super-decorated!! They had their party for one of their children... one that was too young to even know that the party was for him :) I thought their house looked cool :) It was a big party!
That's about it, just wanted to share a couple of fun things about our country :) You guys ROCK!