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America - New Orleans / Slidell / Pearl River

This past weekend we spent some time with some awesome friends in New Orleans/Slidell/Pearl River. We stayed with our friends George & Carrie - they are awesome! We went down to the French Quarter on Saturday morning. We haven't been there in a while - It was fun :) The French Quarter always has fun stuff around :) Aashini liked the view from the top the best :) We had some yummy Muffalatas for lunch!! Yum!! We were there during the Creole Tomato Festival, so there were some fun extra things there (like this balloon lady) :) French Market! We got some yummy Slidell Snowballs :) We got the girls Strawberry - Clear ... doesn't stain the clothes! haha! Aashini loved it :) We went to Northshore Church on Sunday and got to see some fun friends (and missed seeing a few too) :) It was soooo good to get to go to Northsore and see everyone!! LOVE that church!!!! It was a fun trip :)

America - Tennessee - Knoxville

This past week we went to Gatlinburg, but we also went to Knoxville to visit family. Aashini & Diya had a great time playinig with their cousins :) My Aunt Melinda has soooo many toys at her house! Diiya called her house the "play place". This is my Uncle Reggie pulling the kids around :) We got to visit with my grandmother quite a few times while we were up there. Aashini was loved holding her hand. It was sweet. Here's Diya with my Great Aunt Violet. She just recently turned 90! Awesome! While we were there I got to go to a baby shower for my new cousin :) Adam & I with my cousins and their wives and our kids :) My Aunt Melinda made TONS of deserts while we were there. One desert she made was Bread Pudding made with KRISPY KREME donuts (instead of bread!)!!!!!!! Crazy! It was super sweet! (and yummy too!) :) Here are some more cousins :) The kids definitely had fun! :) Then we were back on the road again... We're off to New Orleans/Slidell next weekend! …

America - Tennessee - Gatlinburg

After a ton of driving we made it to the Smokies for a couple of days in Gatlinburg before going to visit our Tennessee family. Here's Adam stretching after a long car ride :) While staying in Gatlinburg we went on a hike in Sugarlands in the Smokies. It was a short hike but the perfect length for the kids. There were signs about the different plants and trees at the begining of the hike and Aashini loved it - she "read" every sign! We could even bring the stroller on most of the trail - awesome :) (Diya is quite heavy!) Aashini's favorite part was playing in the creek. She fell in once and got wet and really had fun :) She even found a quarter in the creek (maybe from the last person that fell in - haha!). ...just a little wet :) This makes me laugh :) We walked around the strip in Gatlinburg (love that place :) haha!). Aashini got to push the big huge rock in front of Ripley's Believe it or Not :) We went into one of the arcades and found a few games that had cre…