Friday, June 30, 2006

Dinner Theatre!

We're having a great time! We've been going to a marriage conference these last couple of days with Gary Chapman, and it's been really fun. Last night we went to a Thai dinner theatre :) It was really interesting :) We went with a couple of other couples and had a lot of fun :) It started off with a dinner... we sat on the floor and ate and watched some of the show. The picture below is of the fingernail dance :)
After those dances... we went outside to see some other dances... one of them was a fire dance :) It was pretty cool! We had a great time of eating and relaxing :) Whoo hoo!! We're loving it!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


We're here in Thailand!! Whoo hoo!! We're having a BLAST!!! It is definitely a much needed break :) We even got foot massages last night! It was awesome!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Swim at Your Own Risk!!!

How many kids can you fit into one kiddie pool??
Hahaha.... the kids that we live with decided to have a pool party today.... they actually decided a few days ago... these parties take much preparation.... you see, our kids downstairs and the neighbor kids had to practice for the party... It's not just about swiming in a kiddie pool... There's dancing and skits and comedy to go along with it :)

The picture on the left is of the kids practicing for the big event... you can't tell, but it's raining - Now THAT is dedication :)

After all that practice, it was time for the show/pool party! We had group dances, solo dances, skits, "comedy acts" and much more entertainment... It was great!!

At one point during the party, all of the kids had dissappeared and the "chief guests" (that's what a couple parents & we were) were left sitting wondering what was going on... Then we hear sounds from the upstairs balcony part... the kids had gotten bored with performing and just started eating!!!

That was pretty funny :) And last, but not least, was the pool party... now in America, you would have to wait a while for all the kids to put on their swimsuits (or swimming costumes as they call it here)... but the kids just jumped in in their clothes!!! It was so funny! They were going crazy in the water and were having a blast! It was definitely a fun party!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

funny things...

There are a lot of fun things that we get to see while riding on a rickshaw through town :)

We only have bicycle rickshaws in our city, and it's amazing how many people they can pile onto one rickshaw :) These kids were having fun hanging on the back :)

This picture makes me laugh :) The wife is driving the scooter, and the guy is riding behind her with his Boxer dog!! Hahahaha I don't know why, but I thought it was just hilarious!! OK, so this guy... We were riding on our rickshaw and another rickshaw passed us... the guys on it were holding their medical records from the hospital... (because here, you are in charge of keeping up with your own medical records)... One of the guys was holding his x-ray... it was just floating in the breeze... it just made us laugh, but if you look at a closely and see all the stuff in this poor guys leg, you can see it's no laughing matter :) Here's a close-up .... ouch!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fun Stuff :)

This is a picture of a cute street kid... His shirt cracked me up :)

And of course, there are plenty of spelling things that always crack me up :) Enjoy!

Local Airplane Experience

When we took our trip down south a couple of weeks ago, we got to have the local airline experience. Now, not all of the domestic airlines here are as interesting as the one I am about to talk about, but this one sure was!

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare... Our plane was about 45 minutes late. When it finally arrived and they called the flight, everyone got up soooo fast and started pushing and shoving and forming a HUGE line. Adam & I didn't want to deal with the line, so we waited until it was thinned down and got into it. We got bussed to our airplaine and begain the climb up the stairs to get into our plane. We realized, as we're going up the stairs, that we couldn't find the seat number on our tickets. We ask the flight attendant (or Air Hostess as they are called here) what seats we are in and she says:

"It's free seating, sit wherever you want"

It was then that we realized why everyone was pushing and shoving so much (and why the flight was 45 minutes late :)) It was crazy!! For example - there were many people that had a child and paid for only one ticket (and were going to hold their child) but were currently occupying 2 seats... It was a mess!! :) Adam & I were some of the last people on the plane, and believe it or not, we got to sit next to each other :)

At one point during the flight, the air hostess come up to us with a drink cart. She asked me what I wanted, I said "coke", then she asked what Adam wanted, He said "coffee"... then she said "anything else" - we said "no" then she continued and said "are you sure you don't want anything else?" we said no, but she kept saying: "are sure? Is there something else?" - I was thinking... Man, this is some great service!!! Then she goes on to say... "that will be 40 Rs." hahaha - no wonder!

The way back was much more entertaining... The plane was 2 hours late - but we were prepared this time... we had decks of cards and books to read :) We set by the door, so that when they said our flight, we could get to the front of the line :) We took the bus to our plane and found a seat. The plane that we were in was one of those that has 3 seats on one side and 3 on the other. We sat with another guy that was sitting by the window. This guy burped the entire 3 hours home!!! Seriously, he was sleeping and burping thw whole way!! Not just small burps, but the kind that rattle your eardrums. Anyway, right before the plane takes off, burp-man decides he needs to go to the bathroom... I think it was an emergency because he practly crawled over us to get out....

Now, the plane has been in the air for a little bit, the non-free drink cart had already been by, and everyone was starting to sleep... It was about 1:00 AM... then the funniest thing happened... well, I guess it wasn't that funny, but I enjoyed it :) This little girl was very hyper (probably from having a Coke or somthing)... and thought it would be fun to run up and down the aisle of the plane... (that's her picture on the left)... This is definiately not something that would happen for long on an American airplane, but here.... she kept running up and down the aisle. It was a cute jumping kinda run... so she kept bumping all the people on her way. Now, she wasn't just running up and down the aisle quietly, she had on those shoes with the squeekers... and they were probably new because both squeekers worked :) So she was squeeking and running up and down the aisle :) I started counting how many times she ran by... I lost count at 40-something.... It was funny!

At one point, a lady in the front had had enough and put her arm out to stop her.... the little girl then ran to her mom and back to the lady and told her: "my mom said I could" and continued running... It was funny :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fun Finds!

Well, we were in the capital city last week and got to see a lot of fun things... we always have an interesting trip to and from the capital and we get to see interesting things. We always see trucks that are just filled with people! Some of them look like they could fall off at any minute! It always makes me laugh! While in the capital city our friends showed us a new restrauant that really pumped me up!!!! One thing that we have really missed while being here is Mexican food!! I've gotten pretty good at cooking refried beans and other things that are good with Mexican food, but there really isn't a place to go out and get it (we don't have Taco Bell or El Chico here :)) Some restrauants will have Mexican food on their menu, but it has a Masala flavor (the popular seasoning here) and just tastes like the local food. BUT - this cool new restrauant opened up... it's called the Taco Maker and it ROCKS! I got to have my favorite - Nachos!!! and every meal deal comes with a serving of Tater Tots (Adam's favorite!) so we were pumped!! After going to the Taco Maker, we saw this store, and Adam had to have a picture :)