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I'm with stupid :)

Well, we were walking around the market the other day and saw this painted on the wall and had to take a picture by it. It says "American"... it made me laugh... it kind-of reminded me of those t-shirts that say "I'm with stupid"... :)

Dry Cleaning :)

I took some things to get dry cleaned the other day. I got them back today and the bag said that it was 100% petrol wash... (does that mean that they wash it in gas??) and wrapped around the clothes was a label that said it was dry cleaned by "modrate" technology... I just thought it was funny :)


Cooking is sooo much harder here. THis is how you "puree" vegetables when you don't have a blender or food processor (or power). Some people have those things, but most people don't. This is my friend Gita. She's mashing up some onions. It's a marble slab that's not polished and they use a big rounded rock and just roll/mash! It's cool!!


HEY! Well, we went to a wedding the other night. Weddings here are very different than weddings in America :) We had fun. Adam did a lot of dancing (the guys usually dance while the women sit and watch :) and we also ate a lot of food (I had a lot of ice cream!!).
I also included a picture of the bride :)

Kite Day!

Kite day (Basant Pachami) is a really cool holiday!! Almost everyone is off work and all the schools are closed. Everyone gets on their roof and they fly kites :) It's awesome! The kites are made of bamboo and tissue paper and there's definitely an art to flying these kites :) They use two kinds of string and there is a special way to yank the kite to make it do the things you want it to do... Now, don't think that everyone is only peacefully flying their kites... The goal is to try to "cut" the other people's kites... that is, cut their strings while in the air... if you "cut" someone's kite in the air you are supposed to yell - "bo kuttay!!" and everyone cheers. It's great! The kites are only 1 rs. each... so you can get about 45 kites for a dollar :) We had a lot of fun!