Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bye Alison :(

My sister Alison left yesterday to go back to her home in Californa. We drove to another city to the airport (it was chaper)... Aashini hasn't really fallen in love with the whole "carseat thing" yet :) haha! It was soooo cute! When it was time for Alison to go to her gate we told Aashini that Alison was leaving and to say bye -- Aashini just started crying and waving to Alison - it was so sad and cute!! She really seemed like she knew what was going on! She would look at Alison and wave and cry! She was really sad that Alison was leaving.
Today were some local elections. We went in to vote and Aashini got to vote... well... sort-of :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

In Florida :)

We're here - we've made it to America ;) The flight went surprisingly well - thanks soooooo much for lifting us up - that's totally why the flight went so smoothly! Aashini slept but not too much - so she's doing great and hasn't really dealt with much jet lag at all - it's amazing :) We thought we were going to get stuck in Miami - we got there just as the edge of Hurricane Fay was coming into town... but it worked out perfectly - just a bunch of turbulence :)
So we had a few interesting first impressions... one is that water fountains are amazing!!! We've been having a blast drinking out of them!
Another first impression was that people in the service industry in America are definitely not as nice or as helpful as South Asians in the service industry. We were on our first flight on our way to Chicago... we asked the flight attendant to get the bassinet. Aashini fell asleep in Adam's lap and then they brought us our food, so I had both trays on my lap. The Flight Attendant brought us the bassinet and set it on the floor in front of us. Later, she came buy bringing drinks and asked us (kinda rudely) why we didn't put up the bassinet she thought we wanted it. I tried to explain that I had 2 trays of food on my lap and Adam only had one hand b/c he had Aashini...and we weren't exactly sure how to put it together..... and she said: "Oh, quit making your excuses, I'll just do it"...
seriously? haha!
My sister is in town for the next few days. Aashini has enjoyed meeting her Masi (pronounced "mossy" - it means mother's sister or aunt) :)
This picture made me laugh...
OK, well, this one makes me laugh too :)
Tonight, to help with jet lag, we went to the batting cage - Aashini had fun with the helmet... sorta :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Memories

Since we're leaving for our first stateside since coming to South Asia, I thought I'd post one of my favorite memories :) When we first moved to South Asia to M-town, the kids of the family that we lived with (the Kumars), invited us to see the kid's Athletic Day. Well, one of the traiditions at most school's Athletic Days (in the North) is to have a race for the parents. The dads went first... there were only a few dads that went.... and then the moms.... There were so many that wanted to race, that they had to have 2 races! I love this pic below because you can see how they tied up their saris and suits and dupattas :)
Lemme tell you! They were aggressive!!!! The were pushing and shoving!! A bunch of ladies fell down - it was one of the most entertaining things ever!
Here they are all running in their fancy saris and suits!
And here they are running to the finish line :) It was hilarious!!
What's great too, is that after this they had an event for the grandparents - Musical Chairs!!! It got pretty aggressive too!!!
So, I thought I'd post some pictures of some other fun favorite memories over the last 3 years :)

And just for fun...
Things I’m looking forward to in America…
- Family & Friends
o Moe’s!
o Taco Bell
o Chic-fil-a
o Bagel Peddler, Bagel Bagel, Bagel Headz… all those places J
o Guthries “Gut Box” / Raisin’ Canes
o Canned Beans
o Tortilla Chips!
o Dr. Pepper
o Soft Fresh Bread (Adam)
- Ice in abundance – Crushed ice!
- Publix Orange Juice
- Dryer (for our clothes – even though we’ll still have to air dry half of our clothes so that they still fit :) - most of our clothes now have never been dried!)
- Being able to use a stroller almost everywhere! (Aashini is getting heavy!)
- Being able to understand people’s conversations around me :) (It’s not that I’m super nosey – it’s just fun to be able to tell for sure if someone is talking about you)
- Being able to speak Hindi to Adam and most people not having any idea what I’m saying :)
- Libraries! I can’t wait to go and check out books! How fun!!! (I go through about a book a week, and if people don’t have books I can borrow then I have to buy them… so libraries rock) :)

We head out to the states this weekend - we're going crazy packing and getting everything done! If you think about it, please lift us up! You guys ROCK!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday???

Today is our 6 year anniversary :) Our awesome friends Fred & Lydia watched Aashini while Adam and I went out to eat and to a movie... we saw Kung Fu Panda (we only have so many English film options) - but it was a lot of fun :) We realized today that we've been in South Asia for half of our marriage!
Today is also the H'ndu g0d Krishna's birthday. (Random fact - he almost always has blue skin in his pictures). In most places, his birthday is celebrated in the evening and late at night. We got home from our movie and had only been home about 30 minutes when there was a "parade" going down our street! (My camera is still in the shop, so these pics aren't the best...)
TONS of people and float going down the street! It was crazy - and really loud! Besides being popular with H'ndus, people that follow ISKCON / Hare Krishna really love this holiday. ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) is not that popular here - but is very popular in the west. You've probably seen them at football games or city-wide events, dressed up with drums and chanting "Hare Krishna" or giving out "free" food at universities.
Check out this chalk drawing on our street! They did that in about 15 minutes!
You can see a lot of the followers of ISKCON / Hare Krishna in this picture. Some of them are easy to spot, they have that little clump of hair on the back of their heads.
Our across the street neighbors I guess are the ones that had them come to our street because they did a lot of stuff at their house - everyone came into their gate, they brought the g0d into their gate, and gave everyone standing around their gate food. It was pretty entertaining for a while :)

Friday, August 08, 2008


So I just realized today that I never posted out Photo Booth picture from Thailand :) For those new to my blog... Since 2005, we've been taking pictures at all the fun photo booths when we make trips to Thailand. If you want to see the other pictures check it out!
July 2007
So... here it is :)... Summer 2008 haha!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Trip to M-town :)

Since we're going to the states in a couple of weeks and will be gone about 5 months, we needed to take a trip to M-town before we left :) We took our favorite express train over there - which was great! Aashini has ridden on a train once before -but she slept though it - she actually got to enjoy it this time :) haha!
First stop was Jaya & Mayank's house.
Aashini had fun getting to play with them and at their house :) It was fun getting to see them :)
After that we went to a few other people's houses for a few minutes and then we to the Kumar's house. Aashini had a lot of fun there too :) Mona didi let her play with her bangles and she thought that was so cool!
Shakshi started playing the Sitar - so seh performed for us :)
For our ride home, we weren't able to go on our favorite Express train, so we rode on the Mail train. It's a sleeper train (it goes a long distance). We only rode on it for 2 hours, so not bad :) This train is fun but somehow we ended up in the 3 tier car - which means that the beds are stacked 3 high (except in the aisle - as seen in the pic below)... so you can't sit up in the bed unless the other people that are in your tier decide they want to sit up too and fold up the beds to make a seat... luckily we go to sit :) This train is funny too because we always see rats when we ride it - I don't know why, but I think that's so funny!
That's it :) It was a great trip and a lot of fun!
Here's a video... most of you won't be at all interested in it... so don't feel like you have to watch it :) In January a bunch of us that were youth interns at FBC Tally are getting together for a reunion... so I made a video... it's short - so if you're interested, check it out :)