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Fun Memories

Since we're leaving for our first stateside since coming to South Asia, I thought I'd post one of my favorite memories :) When we first moved to South Asia to M-town, the kids of the family that we lived with (the Kumars), invited us to see the kid's Athletic Day. Well, one of the traiditions at most school's Athletic Days (in the North) is to have a race for the parents. The dads went first... there were only a few dads that went.... and then the moms.... There were so many that wanted to race, that they had to have 2 races! I love this pic below because you can see how they tied up their saris and suits and dupattas :)
Lemme tell you! They were aggressive!!!! The were pushing and shoving!! A bunch of ladies fell down - it was one of the most entertaining things ever!
Here they are all running in their fancy saris and suits!
And here they are running to the finish line :) It was hilarious!!
What's great too, is that after this they had an event for the grandparents - Musical Chairs!!! It got pretty aggressive too!!!
So, I thought I'd post some pictures of some other fun favorite memories over the last 3 years :)

And just for fun...
Things I’m looking forward to in America…
- Family & Friends
o Moe’s!
o Taco Bell
o Chic-fil-a
o Bagel Peddler, Bagel Bagel, Bagel Headz… all those places J
o Guthries “Gut Box” / Raisin’ Canes
o Canned Beans
o Tortilla Chips!
o Dr. Pepper
o Soft Fresh Bread (Adam)
- Ice in abundance – Crushed ice!
- Publix Orange Juice
- Dryer (for our clothes – even though we’ll still have to air dry half of our clothes so that they still fit :) - most of our clothes now have never been dried!)
- Being able to use a stroller almost everywhere! (Aashini is getting heavy!)
- Being able to understand people’s conversations around me :) (It’s not that I’m super nosey – it’s just fun to be able to tell for sure if someone is talking about you)
- Being able to speak Hindi to Adam and most people not having any idea what I’m saying :)
- Libraries! I can’t wait to go and check out books! How fun!!! (I go through about a book a week, and if people don’t have books I can borrow then I have to buy them… so libraries rock) :)

We head out to the states this weekend - we're going crazy packing and getting everything done! If you think about it, please lift us up! You guys ROCK!!!


Bronie said…
yay for coming "home"!!!!!!! can't wait to see you!
merritt said…
Safe travels! Enjoy your time home.
Bethany said…
I haven't thought about the "gut box" in five years! Mmm I hope it is as good as you remember! Happy trails!

I wonder why so many more ladies were interested in racing?
Roberts said…
Aw...I remember some of your favorite memories in those pics! (like the first three pics were taken on the day that will forever be known as The Day the Drivers Drank My Water and I stayed Crabby All Day) I'm soooo "homesick" right now for South Asia!!

We were told by our family that it's rude for me and James to speak Hindi to each other in front of them. We tried explaining we only do it when we're talking about stuff that others may feel uncomfortable hearing (why can't we stay? do you really want to eat there? etc). Also, we were in Old Navy yesterday and heard a man's voice say, "Chelo!" Turns out he and his family were from the city bigger than the capital. sometimes you'll be able to understand TWO languages around you!
SouthAsiaRocks said…
haha! They just think it's rude because they're jealous :)
Sara said…
We'll be thinking about you guys! Packing up was exhausting and so was the trip back! Hope things go well for you guys!!
alittlewater said…
i'll be thinking about ya'll as you travel across the seas! i know that's a fun one! have a great time! and i'll ask specifically that aashini will have a good trip too!
amanda said…
When we head for Florida from Texas, we have to get Publix orange juice too.
Elizabeth said…
What AMAZING pictures! Thanks for sharing your memories... the nose-picking-little-boy made me laugh. :)

Your "things I miss from home" list was entertaining... the dryer note intrigues me because hopefully soon that will be us! Though I'm wondering how long it will take to dry jeans and sweaters indoors when it's wintry outside???

Enjoy your trip home... we'll be lifting you up.
Deanna said…
I'm so glad you are coming home for a while. Hope it's restful, enlightening and refreshing. Love the photo of that guy with the beard...unreal! And I must say, ice in one's drink is wonderful! Can't wait to hear about your adventures on this side of the world.
Great to see your memories. Have fun at home then return and make a bunch more (that you, of course, blog about along the way).

Elizabeth: a note about dryers. If you have heat in your house, it doesn't take too long to dry the clothes in winter, but they're super crunchy afterward. If you don't have heat, I hope you take some synthetic fabrics with you designed to be fast drying because it can take FOREVER!
The Agarwals said…
I loved remembering all your special times- It's amazing how though we've been separated by a big pond, that this blog has made us feel so connected and close all along!
When I saw your list was coming up, I was wondering how many Mexican foods and Tally specialties would land on it! I loved them all! :-) Should we meet up in Tally, let's plan a Bagel Bagel date! They closed the one here in our neck of the woods and that sounds like a relatively "healthy" craving! Ha!!
Lifting you guys up, especially for a restful and relaxing trip home!
Love you guys!!
The Shanks said…
Hey Andrea! I love your have the funnest pics! I can't wait to see pics from home! Have a blast! Enjoy all the American goodness!
Deanna said…
Post about coming home already!!! And I have to ask about your cluster map. Do you ask people to hit your blog as they travel or do you really know folks in all those places? Amazing! And are you doing the coming home conference in Sept at home base? That's where Emily and I will meet up. I'd love to see you there.
Shannon said…
That's a cool collage! Hope you are enjoying the U.S. of A.

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