Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Season!

It's holiday season right now which means it's wedding season too :) The other night we went to our friend's son's wedding. It was a Christian wedding, so much different than a Hindu wedding. I love this girl's smile (below). She's newly married.
This is the foot of the little girl that sat in front of us :)
Here is the bride and her mother. A lot of brides in Christian weddings will wear a white sari and a veil.
This bride had some lacy gloves!!
At one point in the wedding they had Adam go up front to pray. He took Diya up there with him and as he was praying he kept moving further and further away from the microphone - which means that he was moving Diya closer and closer to it. At one point she grabbed the foamy thing that covers the mic (you can see it in her hands in the pic below if you look closely). All the women laughed (I guess they were looking at her during the prayer time :) haha!)
Here's the bride and groom.
Here is Diya at the wedding :) haha!
I love her little tongue! :)
Here's Aashini playing on the floor during the wedding - it was really long :)
Here's the groom.
I've hardly ever seen this, but for this wedding the groom got henna on his hands too :)
This is our friend Deepak and his son Ashish (it means blessing).
This is our friend Kamla below in the white sari. It's her son that's getting married ;)
These are our friends Deepak & Sunita and their sons Ashish & Daniel (with a sad Diya). The photo itself isn't very good, but I wanted to post it anyway :)
The girls LOVED getting all dressed up for the wedding! They love to dress up!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny Things - CWG Edition :)

During the Commonwealth Games there were quite a few things that made me laugh :) Rugby had quite a few things (there will be another post on that later)... Anyway, Rugby is a crazy aggressive sport! They do just about anything to get that ball! One thing they did in one of the games I watch was give wedgies! Tonga seemed to be really good at that :) haha! Look in the picture below, you'll see a guy with black bike shorts that looks like he's wearing a diaper... those are his shorts... you can see the Tonga guys pulling them up!
The poor guy must have had a pretty bad wedgie - here they are doing it again! Yikes!
We saw this vending machine as we were getting on the metro one day at the games... it was an empty vending machine with the phrase "Vending Without Ending" on the top - haha! Made me laugh :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

CWG - Table Tennis!

On the last day of the games we went to see Table Tennis. It was really fun! The first matches of the day were the women's wheelchair finals. It was Australia vs. Nigeria. We were rooting for Nigeria! Here she is serving!
Again, these aren't great pictures (and this one really isn't) but it's fun :) Diya hung out with this lady during some of the games. We had some fun seat-mates ;)
Aashini did a lot of coloring :)
The wheelchair final game was awesome!! Nigeria won and when she won, she jumped up on one of her legs and jumped on that leg as long as she could and then laid on the ground and waved her arms and legs in the air! It was awesome! The whole Nigeria cheering section went crazy and then the stadium DJ played "Jai Ho" and everyone went crazy! It was so fun!
Here's some of the Nigeria cheering section - they were so fun!
Here's the winner getting her gold medal :)
Here are the flags on their way up :)
Here are the 3 winners :) So fun!
When the military men fold the flags, they get prepared to fold them and then they fold them in gold, sliver & bronze order. It's neat!
This is a bad picture but I wanted to take a picture of Aashini's little buddy. He sat next to her for a while. It was cute :)
The next game we saw was the women's doubles bronze medal match between India and Australia. We were rooting for India. The picture below is of the Indian girls and their coach. That man was the coach for all the Indian teams. He was awesome! Everyone loved him. When the men's doubles played the night before and won, they ran over to him and hugged him - it was so cute!
Here they are serving - There were some crazy serves!
When I play ping pong I'm usually a lot closer to the table :) haha! They were running all around!
India won all three games really quickly!
The crowd went wild! It was a fun day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CWG - Diving!

On Wednesday we went to see Diving at the Commonwealth Games. The Swimming arena is pretty close to a McDonald's that serves breakfast, so we met up with Joe, Amberley and Kristin before the games started :) This isn't a good picture, but I liked it :) Aashini gets jealous when Diya gets in a high chair now and wants to be in one too :)
Here we are posing like the girls behind us... well, attempting to pose like those girls :) haha!
On this day we saw diving! We saw women's 3 meter springboard and men's 10 meter platform. None of my pictures from this arena are great, but it's fun to see the different poses you can catch divers in with a camera :) This one isn't that funny, but it's one of the only ones I had of the women - we couldn't see them as well and the springboard wasn't as exciting :)
I thought Diya looked so big sitting in her chair :)
Platform diving was crazy! They did some crazy stuff!!
My attempt at getting us all in one picture :)
The stadium is really nice! The cheap seats (which we were in for this one) were really uncomfortable though! The seats were high off the ground, so only my toes touched the ground! It sort of cut off my circulation, but it was fun :)
If you look really fast at the picture below, you'll miss the guy in it :) He's super horizontal!
This is a bad picture, but I just had to post it! Look how close his head is to the platform!! Amberley told me that the closer they are to the platform, the better scores they'll get because their form is better. Crazy!
Look at this guy!
Here's a silver medal up close! I'll have a fun post on this medal later :) Very cool :)
...and a family picture from the day :) haha!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CWG - Rugby Sevens!!!!

On Tuesday we went to see Rugby Sevens! It was super fun!! Rugby is definitely one of my favorite sports to watch. It's crazy and creative and... well... crazy! It makes me laugh too! :) I got my first taste of rugby when I lived in Samoa and I loved to watch it! I got the opportunity to play rugby for Florida State, but decided that probably wasn't a good idea... I'm pretty accident prone and rugby is quite the crazy sport :) haha! Anyway, when I was in Samoa everyone talked about how awesome New Zealand was in Rugby. I've heard of their famous Maori Haka (more on that later) they do before their games and I REALLY wanted to see them play! It's funny that I got my chance to see them play while living in South Asia :) haha! You never know :)

We started off the morning with Tonga playing Guyana. Tonga rocks! Then, we got the chance to see New Zealand play Wales! New Zealand is a scary team!! This was a semi-final match and they killed Wales! Check out the picture below! All the Wales players are in a pile and NZ is running away with the ball - awesome!
Most of my pictures are like this... NZ running away with the ball and the other team on the ground looking like they just got trampled!
Aashini wasn't quite as excited as I was about the Rugby and spent some time coloring :) She did look up and cheer "Go! Go! Go!" sometimes :) Rugby Sevens are pretty short games (each game has two 7 minute halves!) so you can sit there and watch tons of teams - pretty cool!
NZ is quite the intimidating team! This guy (in black) is scary to me!
This guy too! He picked up the Wales player and dropped him on his head! Crazy!
New Zealand won 31 to 10... This picture is very much like the game was. NZ barely winded and Wales laying on the ground :)
This was one of my favorites. I could have stayed there all day watching this one! It was so fun! I have a couple of funny pictures from a couple of these matches that I'll post later :) Oh, and the Haka! - check this out! They usually only do this at home games to intimidate the other players, so I didn't get to see it at the games, but they did do it after they won the gold - here's a pic from Rediff Sports:
Here's the Haka if you're interested :) Rugby is fun!