Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CWG - Squash!

On Sunday night we went to see Squash :) It was a fun one to see. The area was super dark except for the squash court and it looked really cool inside (although it was horrible for taking pictures) :) We were there for the mixed doubles!
This picture is horrible because the lighting was sooo low, but you can see Adam, Tusshar, Vibhor, Aashini & Diya in this picture if you look closely :)
One of the games we watched had a guy from England playing. His name was James Willstrop. He's the current world champion, so the other team kept the ball on the other side of the court (away from him) most of the game so he hardly got to play.

Don't worry, it wasn't too loud (or loud at all - it was super quiet) but this picture made me laugh of Diya with her fingers in her ears :)
It was a fun sport to watch (except for having to stay quiet during the play), but it was fun! :)

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