Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CWG - Netball!

On Monday we saw Netball :) On TV the sport looked pretty lame, but it was super cheap to go see and it was one of the closest venues to our house, so we figured we try it out. Netball is an interesting sport. It's kind of a mix of basketball and ultimate frisbee played with a volleyball :) haha! You pass the ball (no dribbling) and once you get it you can only take one step and only hold the ball for 3 seconds. Only the designated shooter can shoot too and they usually shoot right under the net. It's pretty funny when you first watch it.
Diya had fun watching it. The stadium was empty when we first got there, but it filled up pretty full by the time we left.
I think this was Aashini's favorite game so far :)
We watched a couple of games but my favorite by far was Malawi vs. South Africa. Malawi was really cool. There was one guy in the stands (probably a parent) that was really rooting for them and was super fun to watch. This is a bad picture, but you can see him - he was fun :)
The game is played in zones, so players that aren't shooters can't cross the white line and get near the net. Some players can't cross other lines. It's interesting.
It's not as aggressive as basketball, but there were some moments when it was.
Malawi was awesome! They won the game! They had amazing sportsmanship. They pulled South Africa in with them at the end and they cheered for each other - it was cool :)
This match we saw was the 5the place play-off, so Malawi won 5th place :) They were so happy and proud and got on the court and started dancing afterwards. It was so fun! Everyone was cheering them on :) They were fun :)
On TV netball doesn't look that interesting, but we had a blast at the game! It was fun to watch! I wish we had gotten more tickets for netball :)

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haha! Thanks :)