Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Season!

It's holiday season right now which means it's wedding season too :) The other night we went to our friend's son's wedding. It was a Christian wedding, so much different than a Hindu wedding. I love this girl's smile (below). She's newly married.
This is the foot of the little girl that sat in front of us :)
Here is the bride and her mother. A lot of brides in Christian weddings will wear a white sari and a veil.
This bride had some lacy gloves!!
At one point in the wedding they had Adam go up front to pray. He took Diya up there with him and as he was praying he kept moving further and further away from the microphone - which means that he was moving Diya closer and closer to it. At one point she grabbed the foamy thing that covers the mic (you can see it in her hands in the pic below if you look closely). All the women laughed (I guess they were looking at her during the prayer time :) haha!)
Here's the bride and groom.
Here is Diya at the wedding :) haha!
I love her little tongue! :)
Here's Aashini playing on the floor during the wedding - it was really long :)
Here's the groom.
I've hardly ever seen this, but for this wedding the groom got henna on his hands too :)
This is our friend Deepak and his son Ashish (it means blessing).
This is our friend Kamla below in the white sari. It's her son that's getting married ;)
These are our friends Deepak & Sunita and their sons Ashish & Daniel (with a sad Diya). The photo itself isn't very good, but I wanted to post it anyway :)
The girls LOVED getting all dressed up for the wedding! They love to dress up!

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Emily said...

Diya's faces! I love them.

Christine said...

I love wedding clothes. Thanks for lovely pictures:)