Thursday, October 07, 2010

Commonwealth Games - Swimming & Boxing!

The Commonwealth Games are going on in our city right now! It's so awesome!!!!
My friend Amberley and I went to our first game the other day! We went to swimming! It was so fun!!!
These pictures aren't great because I took them with my phone. At first we weren't sure if we could bring cameras in or not (confusing rule list) so I didn't bring mine. We found out that day that cameras are allowed now, so the rest of my pictures will be good :)
Anyway, it was awesome! We saw a lot of different swimming events! We had a great time! One great thing about the Commonwealth Games is that the para-events are mixed in with the other events, it was awesome! Here's a picture from one of the para-swimming events. You can see that most of the swimmers only have one arm. There's one guy that doesn't have any legs. They were incredibly fast! They would have killed me in a race! It was awesome!
That same day, Adam and our friend Joe went to see boxing! Joe brought his camera, so we have some fun pictures from him! Adam looks a little scary here :) haha!
Look at this venue! It's awesome!
They had a great time! They watched mostly lightweights but got to see one heavyweight at the end. They had a great time - It was awesome!

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Shannon said...

that's so cool that the para games were mixed in - how neat!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Very cool! The CG were in Malaysia in 98... we weren't there (obviously) but the awesome stadiums and infrastructure that came with them are still used regularly! How fun about the para-events!