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Road Trip #3?... I think...

This weekend we (Adam, Aashini and my parents) went up to Knoxville, TN for the weekend. Most of my family (other than my parents) live in Knoxville, so we had to go and show off Aashini :) Today though, we spent most of the day in the Gatlinburg area. We hiked to Clingman's dome. This hike is great because it's paved the whole way so we could take the stroller... but it's STRAIGHT UPHILL :) My legs are tired :) It was really cold up there on the mountain! We didn't bring warm enough clothes for Aashini, so we wrapped her up in some blankets :)
She thought it was so cool :) Later it started sprinkling, so we added a poncho to her attire :)
When we made it to the top of Clingman's Dome, it was sleeting!!!!! It was cold!!
It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the cool weather in September!
Here's a pic of Adam & Aashini being goofy :)

Party Time!

Adam's mom & step-dad threw a party for our return/Adam's birthday this weekend. There were all sorts of these inflatable toys... but I've never seen any like this before - they were all to use with water!! Here's the fun slide...
and fun slip-n-slide :)
We also had a lot of smoked BBQ... done by the professionals in this huge homemade smoker ;)
Adam got to meet his brother's (Gus) son for the first time this weekend :) (below) It was a lot of fun!!!
...Especially with bubble bath added to the water fun!

Game Day!

This past weekend we had a BCM reunion for the folks that were part of the BCM during Linda Osborne's Days (one of the old directors). We had a great time getting to see people we haven't seen in a while - it was really great! One of the things we did was do a little tailgating and go to a Florida State game!! Here's Aashini dressed up for some tailgating!
We were all dressed in our Garnet & Gold so we took a picture... Aashini had her first finger out (practicing for her first birthday in a couple of months) - so we did it too :)
Here's Aashini at the tailgating party. My parents came to pick her up at the party, so she didn't have to go to the game :) (Remeber how much fun she had at the Cricket Game in May??)
Here are some of the fun friends we got to hang out with at the game :) The couple on the right are Lisa & Charlie. We knew Lisa from FSU and we hung out and went to classes with them when we were in New Orleans. The couple in the middle are…

Fun with Old Friends :)

Right now we're up in Spartanburg / Greenville, South Carolina :) We've been here since last Wednesday and we'll be here until this coming Wednesday... We're at a conference right now, but yesterday we got to hang out with our friends the Caskeys! They lived in the Capital (South Asia) with us for a while and we always watched American Idol at their house :) Since the last time we saw them, we've both had babies... so it was fun to get all 3 girls together!
Aashini thought it was so much fun and kept waving at the camera :)
We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone!!!

Rockin' Out!

Adam's brother Sean had his first gig the other day in Orlando with Adam's dad's band. Here are a couple of pics - go Sean!
It was fun, and we had some yummy ice cream :)

Road Trip #1

I think I'm going to number our road trips because we're going to be taking a lot of them in the next 5 months... Saturday we came to Orlando to visit some of Adam's family :) We had to take a break in the middle of the trip for Aashini to run around a little... but since she's not really running yet, we let her climb around inside the van :)
One of the fun people we're here to visit in Orlando is Adam's brother Sean. He just started middle school and is 11 years old. He's been having fun with Aashini and loves being a Cha-cha (Hindi for paternal uncle). Here he is riding on his Rip-Stick... It's crazy! It has two small inline skate type-wheels - it's sooo hard to balance on but he's awesome at it :)
So here are some fun brother pictures :)
And a fun goofy one....