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Road Trip #1

I think I'm going to number our road trips because we're going to be taking a lot of them in the next 5 months... Saturday we came to Orlando to visit some of Adam's family :) We had to take a break in the middle of the trip for Aashini to run around a little... but since she's not really running yet, we let her climb around inside the van :)
One of the fun people we're here to visit in Orlando is Adam's brother Sean. He just started middle school and is 11 years old. He's been having fun with Aashini and loves being a Cha-cha (Hindi for paternal uncle). Here he is riding on his Rip-Stick... It's crazy! It has two small inline skate type-wheels - it's sooo hard to balance on but he's awesome at it :)
So here are some fun brother pictures :)
And a fun goofy one....


david santos said…
Roberts said…
Adam looks so much like Aashini in that last pic!! Maybe it's cause she makes that face a lot. :)
That first picture is SO CUTE!! I bet lots of road trips get tiring huh? But at least there are fun places to eat along the way, and no scary Tata trucks to contend with. :)
Bri said…
wow those pics were priceless!
Enjoy every minute of your time in the States. It's great Adam gets to hang out with his brother. Living overseas, I don't really miss stuff from America that much but I sure do miss the people and Archie getting to have the experience of being near his grandparents.
The Agarwals said…
What a fun trip! We were just in O-Town too- at Disney! Sean looks so different to me now! He's really grown up!Looks like Aashini is going to be one great driver by the time these 5 months come to a close! Woo Hoo!
alittlewater said…
wow! what adventures you guys are having! i hope ya'll are loving your time with family. aashini is stinkin cute in her pictures.
effe03 said…
Andrea, I had no idea you guys were stateside (maybe cause I don't check your blog enough:( But it's so exciting to have you here even though I probably won't even get to see you! I'm glad you guys had a safe trip... and the service in the States definitely could use some manners!
I loved all your pics!! Welcome Home Shefs:)
effe03 said…
Oh, by the way it's me Heather Diaz:)
Sara Beth said…
So its called a Rip-stick, huh? Those things are SOOO popular in our city right now. But we just call it the cool skateboard thing for lack of knowing any better!! Looks like you guys are having fun!

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