Sunday, July 31, 2011

The View From our Metro :)

We live about a five minute walk from the metro station (like a subway but it's both above and below ground in different parts of the city). It's awesome! Our house is in a great location! Anyway, the other day I was waiting for the metro and took a few pictures from the metro station :)
Here's a market area next to the metro station:
Here's the street below...
Here's a guy selling roasted corn on the street - YUM! They cook it straight on the coals!
... and here's the metro station! :) Nice hunh?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mega Store!!!!

We have a new mall near our house!!! It's only 2 metro stops away from our house!!! It's not very big and only has 2 open stores in it right now, but it's AWESOME!!! One of the stores is a "mega store" (like a small Wal-Mart)! It's so fun and modern! They even have those fun shopping carts for kids with the cars!! It is awesome!! (can you tell I'm excited!?)

Monday, July 25, 2011

America - Fun Friends

We got to see a lot of fun friends while we were in America! I got pictures with only a few of them (need to do better with that next time!) :) but thought I would post some of them :)
This is my friend Priya :) She's from South Asia so it's always fun to see her when we come into Tally :)
The girls had fun fun playing together... this picture makes me laugh because Diya looks sooooo huge!We had a super-fun intern reunion! (more pictures here on facebook). We always have so much fun :)
We have a bunch of kids between us all now! haha! :) This was our attempt at getting all the kids in the picture :) There are 11 kids in this picture (You probably can't see little Levi... Aashini is holding him - she was so proud to get to hold the baby!!!!)
This is my friend Annie! I was so excited to get to see her and her fun family! This is a picture she took and I loved it, so I'm posting it too :)
Here are our kids (minus two) :)We got to see our friends Mike & Cari.... we have picture with them on their camera that I still want to get, but here are pics of our kids :) Fun!This is my awesome friend Erin! We met, hung out and worked together in South Asia while she was there and she's now in the US. We got to see each other when we were in Virginia - this picture cracks me up :)In Virginia Aashini had sooooo much fun! She got to go to a fun class for a week and make some super fun new friends! This is her fun friend Victory :)This is Victory's mom :) Susan is my fun new friend :)This is a fun friend from college :) I got to see Betsy when we were in Orlando :)In Orlando we also got to see our fun friends Ish & Beatriz :) We met Ish the first time in Thailand! Fun hunh?This is Rahul - Annie's husband :) We got to visit him at his work one day when we were in Tampa :) It was so fun to see him!I got to see one friend I haven't seen in a while! We've known each other and have been friends since Elementary School!! Our moms worked together for a while, and we used to live around the corner from each other. One summer we were on a bicycle trip together and had a big accident together (& shared a hospital room!). Here we were in middle school :)She teaches school in Georgia now and she was in town and we got to see each other! It was fun!! It was fun to see all of those fun friends (plus so many others that we didn't get pictures with!!!) It was awesome!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Night :)

Just a typical Saturday night at the mall!! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Funny Things - American Edition :)

I saw a lot of things that really made me laugh while in America. This first one was by far the funniest things we saw there. We laughed forever when we saw this van... You can see very well in this picture but the windows are full of crazy stuff.... but the thing that makes this van funny is the sign on the side....
It says "The Quintessential Genetic C.O.D.E, C.O.D.E and C.O.D.E. of Empathy Mobile" - haha!! We have no idea what this is or what it means... but it was so funny and random!There were definitely some funny clothing things that made me laugh.... these boys shorts for example... the 80s are totally coming back... yikes!This lady's hat definitely made me smile :)This made me laugh too :) The bag of popcorn seeds said: "100% Whole Grain"... haha! Yes, it is a whole grain - duh! haha! it made me laugh :)This one was crazy to me!! So many people use the ER as a doctor's office because of insurance (or lack of it), that there is always a long wait at the Emergency Room. There were signs all over the interstate that said how long the wait was at their ER... that was crazy!Veggies in America tend to be MUCH bigger - this red onion was so big to me!!This one made me laugh :) We were up in Tennessee at my grandmother's house and we were trying to clean some things out. Adam and my dad decided to tackle the deep freezer.... they found some funny things. This one was the funniest to me... Some shredded zucchini from 1978!!!!!!! That's the year I was born!! haha! Hilarious! We kept betting each other to eat some but nobody was brave enough :) haha! I love funny things :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

HapPy 4th of July! 2011

HaPpY 4th of JuLy!
We started the morning off with Chick-Fil-A!! It was fun :) Aashini LOVED the cow!!Diya LOVES playing at "play places" :)We had some Ice Cream to start off the day :)They had crafts and things for the kids :) Aashini and the cow really hit it off :) She showed him her craft and he told her he liked it and she was super happy :)Diya liked the cow from a distance :)The cow wanted to come along with us :) He got in our trunk :) haha!!We went to Lake Ella afterwards :) Adam & the girls in a tree :) haha!Diya had fun feeding the ducks :)After naps we went to Tom Brown Park for the festivities :) We ran into an old friend - Todd (or Taco as i called him :)).
Aashini got a balloon that she LOVED!!!She accidently let go of it....
She was upset.... (don't worry, we got her another one :))Tom Brown has a fun park to play at too :)It was a fun day! Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!!