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Guys Trip :)

I haven't posted this week because it has been a CRAZY week! Adam and some of the guys we live near went on a trekking guys trip. They went way up North in the Himalayas. It was a really cool trip! He's going to blog about it later :) While he was gone things got crazy over here - doesn't always seem to happen that way??? Everything was breaking! The electricity to our flat broke (not our neighbors...just mine).... our inverter (battery back up) broke.... our water filter broke... our house was filled with a swarm of flies (it was like the plagues were on me - they were insane!) and a bunch of other things! It was crazy!!! Anyway, here are a few pictures - I'll post more from him soon :)

Funny Things!!

I haven't done a "funny things" post in a while, so I thought it was time :) I have been meaning to post a picture like this for years but finally did today! I love it when the red lights say: "Relax" :) This sign just makes me smile! This is an Elephant-Free Zone! ...and if you look closely to the background of the picture above you'll see this sign as well... haha! I think this is supposed to be a painting of Mickey Mouse... what do you think? I'm sure I've posted a picture like this before, but I'll never get tired of or quit laughing at some of the funny wiring methods :) On my way to the metro station the other day I saw this. Made me laugh... not sure why this guy had a whole bunch of plastic deer on his bicycle :) haha! You never know... :)


There's some political stuff going on in our city (and now the country) right now. People are peacefully fighting against corruption. It's been very interesting to follow. Tonight there was some protesting in our neighborhood. Here are some more protesting pictures. There will probably be more protesting to come... we'll see what happens!


Before we went to the US, I took some pictures outside of a very famous temple that isn't very far from our house. I thought this little boy walking around the temple grounds was really cute :)There were lots of people outside of the temple begging. They sat in organized rows and people brought them food and money.
This temple has a lot of shoe stations where you can give your shoes to someone to watch while you're in the temple.... it's hard to see in this picture but there are a bunch of them.
The last time I was there, there were a ton of blind beggars all sitting together.
Here they are again. All of the people sitting in this area were blind. People would come and bring them food and money.
There are a couple of temples in this complex, but the one that is the most famous is the Hanuman Temple. Hanuman is the monkey god in H'nduism. There were a few people walking around dressed like him. This guy was asking for money as well.
I thought his tail was qui…

More Metro Fun :)

Here's a picture I took at the metro the other day :) It was a pretty full train :) Imagine trying to get off the train while those people are trying to get on! haha! It's pretty amusing! :)