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So the other day we were in the middle of the city at CP and we heard music going on and we saw a LARGE crowd.... so we had to check it out! And man! were there a bunch of people! It's not the best picture, but you get the point :)
The guy in the pic below was the guy that was singing. He's a big star here! He was really awesome! The music was GREAT!
In the pic below you can see the performers... look at those 'blingin' outfits! Way-fancy!
Behind the stage is a large area that has fountains - it was REALLY hot and lots of people were playing in the water and taking pics.
Another pic of the back of the stage and the water - I thought it was cool :)

Volunteers :)

This week we've had an awesome volunteer group here from Colorado! They are a way-cool group! I haven't gotten to hang out with them as much as I would have wanted (b/c I've been sick - yuck!) but the times I have hung with them have been cool!

Today they went to an orphanage here in the Capital. All of these pics are courtesy of Adam (go Adam!).
They got to meet a lot of people and hang out with a lot of kids! They also provided them a special meal and played with them :)
I think they said that the week before they left Colorado, it snowed! Now they're doing all sorts of stuff in 110 degree weather - and they are rockin it!


So I have been pretty sick the last few days... so I haven't really done much on my computer... so today, since we're going to Thailand again for a visa run at the end of June, I've been thinking some about our trip and I thought I'd tell you guys about one of our Thailand Traditions... Every time Adam & I go to Thailand we go to the fun photo booths they have and take a bunch of pics.... December 2005
Summer 2006

December 2006

Ride Up the River

The other day, Adam and I went with some friends to re-check out some sites we're going to be bringing our volunteers to... We were at the "Y" River (it's a VERY famous river here in our country).
A guy took us (in the boat below) across the river. It was a cool boat and a fun ride. The wind was blowing awesome - it was so cool!
There were lots of kids playing and bathing in the water. It was great!
Afterwards, we walked by these guys that were delivering the movie reels to the theatres! It was soo cool! They were carying them on their heads. I never thought of how the movies actually get to all the theatres here... so that was fun to see. :)
Check it out!

The Global Village!

There's a fair that will be in the Capital for the next month called the Global Village. Adam and I went to it last night to check it out! The entrance was made up of landmarks from many different countries. It was really neat.

There were people from all over doing some cool dances.
Nobody could figure out where the guys in the pic below were from. Their "skirts" have peacock feathers on them... we thought they were maybe from the Mauritius Islands... anybody have any guesses?
They were selling TONS of things from sooo many different countries. There is one thing that is very popular here in our country.... Like many countries, people want to lose weight without really doing any work... well, the "SAUNA BELT" has taken infomercials here by storm... they love that Sauna Belt.... you wear it for about 20 min a day and it heats up around your stomach and makes your stomach sweat... you are told that if you do this for a month, you will be skinnier... Our old landlo…

Buckin' Buffalo!

Over the weekend we went out with some friends to a mall area in the western part of the Capital. It was great! We took the metro and got there pretty fast... the exciting thing about this trip wasn't the malls, but what was inside the malls - Papa John's!! Now we don't have to drive as far to get to my fave pizza place!! We can take the metro!! It was great! They even have a pineapple-0nion pizza (mine and Adam's fave)... The only problem was that they were out of the garlic butter sauce... the waiter said it was because there were some "quality problems" with the sauce... well, that's good enough for me - I don't think I want sauce that is having quality problems :)

So anyway, when we walked out of the mall and were about to go back to the metro, Adam saw something that really caught his eye... A mechanical Buffalo! (no, not a bull... we're in South Asia)
So Adam paid for his 3 minutes of Buffalo riding... put on his great protective helmet (seen…