Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ride Up the River

The other day, Adam and I went with some friends to re-check out some sites we're going to be bringing our volunteers to... We were at the "Y" River (it's a VERY famous river here in our country).
A guy took us (in the boat below) across the river. It was a cool boat and a fun ride. The wind was blowing awesome - it was so cool!
There were lots of kids playing and bathing in the water. It was great!
Afterwards, we walked by these guys that were delivering the movie reels to the theatres! It was soo cool! They were carying them on their heads. I never thought of how the movies actually get to all the theatres here... so that was fun to see. :)
Check it out!

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Anthony and Sharon said...

So were there really 3 Sheff's riding up the river? And when are you gonna post your first official 'preggo post'? That's what you can call them "Preggo Posts" stuff!