Friday, April 06, 2007

The Global Village!

There's a fair that will be in the Capital for the next month called the Global Village. Adam and I went to it last night to check it out! The entrance was made up of landmarks from many different countries. It was really neat.

There were people from all over doing some cool dances.
Nobody could figure out where the guys in the pic below were from. Their "skirts" have peacock feathers on them... we thought they were maybe from the Mauritius Islands... anybody have any guesses?
They were selling TONS of things from sooo many different countries. There is one thing that is very popular here in our country.... Like many countries, people want to lose weight without really doing any work... well, the "SAUNA BELT" has taken infomercials here by storm... they love that Sauna Belt.... you wear it for about 20 min a day and it heats up around your stomach and makes your stomach sweat... you are told that if you do this for a month, you will be skinnier... Our old landlord had one... it didn't work for him... he thought the belt was broken :) Here's a lady (below) testing out the sauna belt :) Personally, when it's 100 degrees outside, that's the last thing I want to do - hahaha - oh well :)
Our country had a huge area at this fair.... I tried copying this dancer's pose... you can see how white I am in this pose :) I forgot to move my hips! hahaha! I'm no Shakira... I look like I'm about to fall over!
There were these funny guys that were performing there. They were absolutely hilarious! It was a sort of comedy / stunt routine. It was great!
This guy (below) was really funny, I just had to include him!
The guys below did a bunch of stunts together. In this one, they both put the end of this steel rod on their necks and one guy jumped up and down... and then at the end they bent it with their necks.
Then they both squeezed through this steel hoop together... now that was funny!!
There was quite a crowd watching those guys... UNTIL they started asking for money... you should have seen everyone run off! haha! it was funny!
Did you ever read that book: "Where's Waldo?"... you look through crowds of people to find Waldo... well... let's play "Where's Barney".... see below:
There were things and people from sooo many different countries! There were about 5+ African counries, Thailand, Egypt, UK, ummm... I forgot some of the others - but it was cool! This guy below was from Syria. He was selling a cool sweet drink made from tamarind fruit. It was cool.

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Anthony and Sharon said...

The first picture has some very familiar towers behind the Taj Mahal (is that what it is?)... I saw them Saturday night as a matter of fact.

allhisblessings said...

Love that guy's drink belt. I need to get me one of those!