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Buckin' Buffalo!

Over the weekend we went out with some friends to a mall area in the western part of the Capital. It was great! We took the metro and got there pretty fast... the exciting thing about this trip wasn't the malls, but what was inside the malls - Papa John's!! Now we don't have to drive as far to get to my fave pizza place!! We can take the metro!! It was great! They even have a pineapple-0nion pizza (mine and Adam's fave)... The only problem was that they were out of the garlic butter sauce... the waiter said it was because there were some "quality problems" with the sauce... well, that's good enough for me - I don't think I want sauce that is having quality problems :)

So anyway, when we walked out of the mall and were about to go back to the metro, Adam saw something that really caught his eye... A mechanical Buffalo! (no, not a bull... we're in South Asia)
So Adam paid for his 3 minutes of Buffalo riding... put on his great protective helmet (seen above) and hopped on (then we had to wait about 10 minutes for the guy that operated the machine to finish his lunch). You can see in the pic below that the protective helmet worked really well... (it's that object in the bottom left of the picture). They started the ride by spinning in circles... not with easy bucking... but spinning - and they kept spinning and spinning... THEN they did a little bucking - this got Adam EVERY time! It was HILARIOUS! We were all cracking up!! It was soooo funny! It has to have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen!
Every time Adam was bucked off, they guys running the machine would yell to him to hurry up and get back on - They would yell at him: "Come on!! Come on!!" (more tauntingly than encouragingly) They were REALLY enjoying themselves too... I don't know if it was funnier to them that he was falling so much, or that they were the ones making him fall... either way, a lot of people were being entertained - by the time Adam was done, quite a crowd had developed. Well, after being bucked for 3 minutes Adam was done... The next day he was really sore :) hahaha!
So for this momentous occasion I thought I would do 0ne of those fun Picasa collages... EnJoY!


Jonathan said…
Outstanding! It was even funnier in person...
SouthAsiaRolls said…
As you can plainly see, I really showed that buffalo WHO'S BOSS!
Jeremy's fam said…
That is completely awesome!
allhisblessings said…
I'm actually a little surprised to see the "crash area" around the buffalo. Can you imagine if it wasn't there? Now THAT would be some pain the next morning! :)
thebundicks said…
okay, we're idiots. We've said SO many times how your blog needed a place to put comments. :o). We just never saw this here. ANYWAY, we laughed SO hard at this--do you have video???

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