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Holi is Coming!

Holi is quickly approaching :) Monday is Holi, but today Aashini celebrated Holi at her school. We didn't know what to expect (and asking questions didn't really help), so we prepared for a super messy Holi at school. We oiled up her hair and it looked so gross! Light colored hair can get permanently colored pink, purple or green after a day of Holi, so we didn't want to chance it. Anyway, it ends up that they played with flowers at school instead of color and this is all the color they put on their faces (along with mine & Diya's as we arrived to pick her up) :) All the kids were dressed up in nice clothes for the school party and Aashini was all oiled up and dressed in bummy clothes - haha! We were THOSE parents! haha! Have a Happy Holi!

Hands-On Fun!

South Asian Foodie Fun!

I thought it was time for another South Asian Foodie post :) Having a new baby means that I'm still not out and about as much as normal which means this blog is a little more boring. It also means that food is one of the things I have pictures of and I'm posting :) haha! So, one of my favorite places to eat is called "Haldiram's". It's basically a restaurant full of "snacky" foods. You can eat them as a meal though and they'll really fill you up - very cheaply! One of the things I love is called: Aloo Tikka (in the picture below). It can look a lot of different ways. It's basically a potato patty that's full of seasonings and spices and fried. At Haldiram's they put a sweet & spicy sauce over it and a coriander (cilantro) sauce. It's so yummy! Here's a recipe for Aloo Tikka if you want to make it :) or here's a video of how to make it if you like that better :) One of the treats I like to get at Haldiram…

A Little Bit of France in South Asia

Last weekend we were at the mall and saw these large red giraffes. We had heard that they were doing some sort of performances there, so we decided to stick around and see :) A group from France had come over to do these performances. They did them on Saturday & Sunday night ;) It was an opera, but not sure what else to call it. It was very unique! There were two people inside of every giraffe making it move all around (their legs are the giraffe's legs). This lady (below) was the lead actress/opra singer. She was singing in some language (not sure) and she actually spoke in Hindi (there wasn't much speaking though - mostly singing) - it was very interesting. See all the people! It was crazy! They were moving everything around over and through all the people! They would push them out of the way when they needed to move! The main characters were this lady in white and a clown in red that played a bass drum. I didn't get it at all, and Aashini was terrified of …