Wednesday, February 17, 2010

South Asian Foodie Fun!

I thought it was time for another South Asian Foodie post :) Having a new baby means that I'm still not out and about as much as normal which means this blog is a little more boring. It also means that food is one of the things I have pictures of and I'm posting :) haha!
So, one of my favorite places to eat is called "Haldiram's". It's basically a restaurant full of "snacky" foods. You can eat them as a meal though and they'll really fill you up - very cheaply! One of the things I love is called: Aloo Tikka (in the picture below). It can look a lot of different ways. It's basically a potato patty that's full of seasonings and spices and fried. At Haldiram's they put a sweet & spicy sauce over it and a coriander (cilantro) sauce. It's so yummy!
Here's a recipe for Aloo Tikka if you want to make it :) or here's a video of how to make it if you like that better :)
One of the treats I like to get at Haldiram's is "Kesar Badam Milk". Kesar is saffron and Badam is almonds. It's a yummy sweet drink with chunks of almonds in it :) Here's a simple recipe for it if you want to give it a try!
This is another one of my favorites :) This is called "Pav Bhaji". It can be spelled a few different ways but it's all the same yummy "snack". This dish has a fun history to it. Basically, in one big city in the west, there were a lot of textile mills. The workers would have only a short time for lunch, and they needed a lighter meal because of the physical labor they were doing. A vendor near the mills created this meal and it became the meal of the mill-workers. Eventually the recipe made it's way into many restaurants and then spread all over the country! It's yummy!
Here's a recipe for Pav Bhaji if you want to try it out! Here's a video recipe if you prefer that way :) If you look at both of those recipes you'll see a lot of differences - just about everyone has their own way to make it :) This snack is also full or butter or ghee. If you make it yourself you can cut it in half or even cut it out and it would still be great!
Happy Eating! (or drooling!) :)

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Carrie said...

Very interesting items! Question - if you were still in Florida and was offered these food items, would you have tried them or just passed on them?

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! Well, I'll always try just about anything! I love trying new things... BUT, if I was ordering off a menu and those items were up there and Mexican food... I probably would have gone with the Mexican food :)

Emily said...

Thank you thank you thank you for recommending a good SA recipe website.

Deanna said...

I love keeping up with you!

Jeni said...

this makes me want to have indian food tonight!! yum! (not that I'll cook it..I'm not such a great cook.)

Shari said...

Anything with Cilantro in it gets my vote. That dish looks very tasty!!