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We have a very busy night market on Fridays in our neighborhood. It's really fun :) I love walking around in it :) The other night I saw something different in the market. It was a cart full of cake!!! You could buy slices of cake or cake in a cup (cupcake?) and they would put it in a plastic bag for you to take with you!! I thought that was so cool!! How fun is that!? You never know what you're going to see on the streets! :)


This week we went to see a Cricket Match :) Aashini hadn't been to a game since her first one ( she didn't like it so much back then - every time people would cheer, she would cry and scream! This time (a couple of years later) she had a TON of fun! We weren't sure how Diya would do, but she clapped and cheered along with everyone! She had a lot of fun too! ;) They both did a little coloring durin the game as well :) These pics aren't very great - I wasn't allowed to bring my camera into the stadium, so these are all taken on my phone :) Anyway, this picture makes the laugh... this was the half-time mosquito repelling time! haha! It was a fun game (even though we didn't win) :) Aashini kept cheering "Go Team Go! You Can Do it! Go for it!" :) haha! Awesome! Cricket has definitely grown on me - I'm a total fan now! :)

Campa Cola!

So I don't know if anyone remembers a post I did almost exactly 2 years ago (WOW!) about my attempt to find the old Campa Cola building... (click here - to read about our Campa Cola Adventure and why it's so interesting to me) Well, we didn't find it, but today I did find a CAMPA COLA!!!!!!!! I was so excited when I found it... I think my friend Meagan thought I was weird :) Tonight Adam and I drank it... It wasn't bad... tasted a little like an RC cola with extra sugar :) Anyway, thought I'd share my Campa Cola excitement with you :)

Concert Fun!!

Last weekend we went to see our upstairs neighbor sing with a big singer here named Jasbir Jassi (check him out here - if interested).... Here is our neighbor in the picture behind Jassi. Aankit did awesome!! Here's Aankit again :) He had quite the band! It was cool! We weren't sure how the girls would do because it was late (it started at their bedtime!) and it would be loud and things like that - but they LOVED it!! Here's a video of people dancing and Aashini doing some fun dancing :) - if you can't see the video you can check it out here -
Jassi went to the lower stage a few times and sang and danced with some people in the crowd. This couple (in the front of the picture with the lady in orange) cracked me up! She kept coming up on stage to dance, but made her husband carry her huge purse! So he was dancing too while holding her purse most of the time :) Here's a short video of people danci…

Funny Things Friday :)

I definitely need some funny things this Friday :) so..... for your viewing pleasure :) Here's a "Frams Torner" Action Figure :) This was on a big sign about giving your kids the injections (shots) they need :) I just think it's funny that the shot is hugging the baby :) The other night at our Friday night market I saw this cart being pushed around. I couldn't get a very good picture because he didn't want me to take a picture... but I just had to :) It's a cart full of toothbrushes! They were 5 rupees :) (about 11 cents) :) This sign is in the metro and always makes me laugh :) One of our friends got fined the other day :)... haha! (yeah, this sign and the fine are totally necessary) The other day we were watching the Cricket World Cup with our neighbors and one of the guys wanted more water, so he yelled up to his wife on the top floor. she threw down the basket and he put his empty bottles in it and she pulled them back up. She filled them up and s…


The other day I was in a rickshaw and my driver stopped and pulled over at the median and told me it would be one minute. Rickshaw drivers tend to pull over every now and then to get snacks, tobacco or to relieve themselves, so I wasn't surprised he was stopping... but it was weird we were stopping in the middle of the street! The driver got out and paid for a bowl full of birdseed and then started feeding the birds. He fed the birds, did a short puja (worship) and got right back in the auto and we drove off... After living here almost 6 years, that was definitely a new thing for me :) I love how this country consistently surprises me :)

Cricket World Cup!!

Saturday was the Cricket World Cup Finals! It was so fun! I've gotten into cricket the last few years, so it was really fun to watch the World Cup! South Asia hosted the Cup, so that made it extra fun!
We live in the coolest new neighborhood! We LOVE it! Our area of the neighborhood does all kinds of cool things. For the game, they set up a projector and screen in the alley street next to our house! Here's some kids watching earlier in the day (the game started at 2:30 pm and lasts about 8+ hours, so not everyone was there at the beginning of the game :)) The girls had fun running around and playing. Here's Aashini in her cricket shirt, sporting her blues :) This is a horrible picture, but it's the only one I have of them from the day :) haha! We were all wearing blue for the game :) Adam has his cool cricket hat :) Here's the game on the big screen! This is the view from the back of the house (next to the girls' room). (this is before everyone was the…