Thursday, April 21, 2011


This week we went to see a Cricket Match :) Aashini hadn't been to a game since her first one ( she didn't like it so much back then - every time people would cheer, she would cry and scream! This time (a couple of years later) she had a TON of fun!
We weren't sure how Diya would do, but she clapped and cheered along with everyone! She had a lot of fun too! ;)
They both did a little coloring durin the game as well :)
These pics aren't very great - I wasn't allowed to bring my camera into the stadium, so these are all taken on my phone :) Anyway, this picture makes the laugh... this was the half-time mosquito repelling time! haha!
It was a fun game (even though we didn't win) :)
Aashini kept cheering "Go Team Go! You Can Do it! Go for it!" :) haha!
Awesome! Cricket has definitely grown on me - I'm a total fan now! :)

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