Monday, April 04, 2011

Cricket World Cup!!

Saturday was the Cricket World Cup Finals! It was so fun! I've gotten into cricket the last few years, so it was really fun to watch the World Cup! South Asia hosted the Cup, so that made it extra fun!

We live in the coolest new neighborhood! We LOVE it! Our area of the neighborhood does all kinds of cool things. For the game, they set up a projector and screen in the alley street next to our house! Here's some kids watching earlier in the day (the game started at 2:30 pm and lasts about 8+ hours, so not everyone was there at the beginning of the game :))
The girls had fun running around and playing. Here's Aashini in her cricket shirt, sporting her blues :)
This is a horrible picture, but it's the only one I have of them from the day :) haha! We were all wearing blue for the game :) Adam has his cool cricket hat :)
Here's the game on the big screen!
This is the view from the back of the house (next to the girls' room). (this is before everyone was there). It was great that it was so close to our house! We put the girls to sleep around 8:00 pm and we went back out there and brought the baby monitors to hear them if they woke up or needed anything - it worked out perfectly!
This picture is horrible, but the only one I have like this. It was super dark outside (which is why the picture is so bad) but here is everyone watching the game :)
OUR TEAM WON!!!!!! It was super fun and super exciting!!! Here's a video of everyone's reaction when we won! We won at the end with a 6 - it was AWESOME! (if you can't see the video you can click here - )
After some celebration, the fireworks came out!
Everyone was having a blast and playing with fireworks and sparklers :)
More fireworks pictures :) If you look closely, the lady on the top left of the picture is holding a little boy. He's one of Aashini's buddies. He's only 2 weeks younger than Aashini. They play well together and have a lot of fun together :)
Some of the fireworks got a little too close.... (which was why I was at a distance taking pictures :) haha!)
After all of the celebration we all ate together! (here's the man making all the roti :))
It was fun to eat together after a fun night!!
The city was alive and honking all night! It was a great night!!

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Very cool! Best part is roti on the house afterwards for everyone!!! Love it!

Emily said...

Your new neighborhood is so cool!! I love it that y'all got to celebrate.

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