Monday, July 25, 2011

America - Fun Friends

We got to see a lot of fun friends while we were in America! I got pictures with only a few of them (need to do better with that next time!) :) but thought I would post some of them :)
This is my friend Priya :) She's from South Asia so it's always fun to see her when we come into Tally :)
The girls had fun fun playing together... this picture makes me laugh because Diya looks sooooo huge!We had a super-fun intern reunion! (more pictures here on facebook). We always have so much fun :)
We have a bunch of kids between us all now! haha! :) This was our attempt at getting all the kids in the picture :) There are 11 kids in this picture (You probably can't see little Levi... Aashini is holding him - she was so proud to get to hold the baby!!!!)
This is my friend Annie! I was so excited to get to see her and her fun family! This is a picture she took and I loved it, so I'm posting it too :)
Here are our kids (minus two) :)We got to see our friends Mike & Cari.... we have picture with them on their camera that I still want to get, but here are pics of our kids :) Fun!This is my awesome friend Erin! We met, hung out and worked together in South Asia while she was there and she's now in the US. We got to see each other when we were in Virginia - this picture cracks me up :)In Virginia Aashini had sooooo much fun! She got to go to a fun class for a week and make some super fun new friends! This is her fun friend Victory :)This is Victory's mom :) Susan is my fun new friend :)This is a fun friend from college :) I got to see Betsy when we were in Orlando :)In Orlando we also got to see our fun friends Ish & Beatriz :) We met Ish the first time in Thailand! Fun hunh?This is Rahul - Annie's husband :) We got to visit him at his work one day when we were in Tampa :) It was so fun to see him!I got to see one friend I haven't seen in a while! We've known each other and have been friends since Elementary School!! Our moms worked together for a while, and we used to live around the corner from each other. One summer we were on a bicycle trip together and had a big accident together (& shared a hospital room!). Here we were in middle school :)She teaches school in Georgia now and she was in town and we got to see each other! It was fun!! It was fun to see all of those fun friends (plus so many others that we didn't get pictures with!!!) It was awesome!!!

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Carie said...

Andrea... everyone you know talks about their fun friend Andrea!!! You are so fun and I love all your fun-ness! Miss you!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

You ROCK Carie :)