Sunday, October 17, 2010

CWG - Table Tennis!

On the last day of the games we went to see Table Tennis. It was really fun! The first matches of the day were the women's wheelchair finals. It was Australia vs. Nigeria. We were rooting for Nigeria! Here she is serving!
Again, these aren't great pictures (and this one really isn't) but it's fun :) Diya hung out with this lady during some of the games. We had some fun seat-mates ;)
Aashini did a lot of coloring :)
The wheelchair final game was awesome!! Nigeria won and when she won, she jumped up on one of her legs and jumped on that leg as long as she could and then laid on the ground and waved her arms and legs in the air! It was awesome! The whole Nigeria cheering section went crazy and then the stadium DJ played "Jai Ho" and everyone went crazy! It was so fun!
Here's some of the Nigeria cheering section - they were so fun!
Here's the winner getting her gold medal :)
Here are the flags on their way up :)
Here are the 3 winners :) So fun!
When the military men fold the flags, they get prepared to fold them and then they fold them in gold, sliver & bronze order. It's neat!
This is a bad picture but I wanted to take a picture of Aashini's little buddy. He sat next to her for a while. It was cute :)
The next game we saw was the women's doubles bronze medal match between India and Australia. We were rooting for India. The picture below is of the Indian girls and their coach. That man was the coach for all the Indian teams. He was awesome! Everyone loved him. When the men's doubles played the night before and won, they ran over to him and hugged him - it was so cute!
Here they are serving - There were some crazy serves!
When I play ping pong I'm usually a lot closer to the table :) haha! They were running all around!
India won all three games really quickly!
The crowd went wild! It was a fun day!

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Emily said...

I've really enjoyed these CWG posts. And I want that purple sari!!