Monday, October 11, 2010

Commonwealth Games - Athletics!

On Friday we saw "Athletics"! Athletics encompasses a lot of things, but it's mostly Track & Field :) We arrived at the stadium (it's the white stadium in the background) and loved to see the old ruins around the stadium - it was a fun mix of Old and New!
Here are Adam & Diya at the stadium :)
It was a lot of fun! We got to see hurdles!
Discus was going on too. They had these funny remote-controlled cars that went to pick up the discuses (is that the right word?). They were so cool!
I was able to bring my camera to the stadium which was really cool! The problem is that it was soooo polluted that day that my pictures don't look very good :( I posted the picture below unedited so you could see how polluted it was that day. I also posted the picture below because one of the Jamaican runner's name's cracked me up - "Peaches Roach" :)
The long jump was really fun to watch! I loved the different faces they made as they jumped!
...and the different positions their bodies were in when they jumped!
...landings are pretty fun too!
Some of the para-sports were mixed in too, so we got to see the 1500m wheelchair races! They were really cool!
I can't imagine the arm strength you would have to have to race that hard and that far! It was awesome!
They had some awesome races that night (when we weren't there). They had the 10,000m races and a girl from our country got the bronze. It was the first individual track medal that our country has won in 52 years!!! It was amazing! The girl was really cool. She is from a village where she would daily run 20 km to get water each day (and walk back WITH all that water!). Someone "discovered" her and trained her for athletic competition. It was really cool!

Something else cool is that there are military men from all over the country here for the games. Each state has their own special uniform. Some of them are really cool! This was the guy we saw as we were leaving :)

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Jagat said...

I like your cheerful and positive attitude! But I couldn't see what you are doing or where you are from. You should maybe put it on your profile or something.

Emily said...

Go Dilli!!